Higher Standard Required : Rule #11 - Respect People's Property - Include Only a Sentence or Two and a Link


Jan 22, 2001
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OK. I know I'm one of the guilt ones. I promise to stop. Sometimes it just seems necessary. I'll control myself. Promise.
Please don't stab me. People know where I'm at. :hideout: :sos: :hug::heart:

Thank You Sister! ... :love:

I know the feeling! It's hard to choose only a sentence or two when the whole work is HOT! :blob fire:

I have the exact same challenge! I want to just copy and paste it all, it's all so good!

But ... the property belongs to another and we must respect that here at destee.

This is an old rule ... one that did not remain without losing Members over ... it's been a journey.

Many disagreed with my position, felt that stealing profound work was necessary to our freedom.

Said we had to take that work, share it, without permission, so the masses could easily find and read it.

All of this with no regard to the rightful owners of the great works ... no permission, no thank you, nothing.

I disagreed then and I still disagree.

Stealing (from our own) can never be the answer ... in my opinion ... it is the wrong practice to encourage.

Anywho ... as you can see ... this is dear to my heart, as are all of our rules.

If we can get the owner to give us written permission, then we can post more of their work here.

Otherwise ... we cannot.

I useta liken it to someone seeing your lawn-mower in your yard. It's just sitting there, beautiful.

You got one of the good ones, that make cutting grass really easy and quick ... :)

You aint home ... your car is not in the driveway ... so they just take your lawn-mower and use it.

Would you be upset? Probably. I had folk in the old days say no, they would not be upset.

Either way ... upset or not ... taking property without permission is not good - it could cost a life.

It's stealing and we simply cannot do it or encourage it, if we want the babies to understand this.

Anywho ... this rule is not hardly gonna change ... even though it is happening all over the Internet.

People stealing other people's property ... it is happening ... but not at destee.com.

Sister IFE ... i pick the BEST 2 SENTENCES, sharing them and a link - but it's still hard ... i know ... :)

Thanks everyone for putting up with me on this.

Much Love and Peace.



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