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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hello Everyone,

It has come to my attention that there are SEVERAL Family Members posting work that does not belong to them. Some of you I've emailed, requesting that you remove the property if it's not yours. I've posted a "Copyright Infringement" announcement that appears on every page in this forum for all to see. Yet in spite of this, I'm still being told that folk are posting work that does not belong to them.

I'm grateful to those of you who bring these things to my attention, as I don't have time to read each post. Please continue to let me know if you see work that you recognize as someone else's.

First of all, to claim work copyrighted by another, or use it without their express written permission, is stealing. In addition, it simply is not welcome here! This forum is not about posting your favorite work that someone else created. This forum is about YOUR work, YOUR flow, YOUR words, what YOU created. I don't care how much you think of Langston Hughes or Nikki Giovanni ... don't put their work on this site! (Of course they are welcome to join us and post it themselves.)

Last but hardly least, is the fact that we have very talented poets and authors here. If you infringe on the work of others, you will do the same to those that present their work here. This type of behavior is not allowed by any who have membership here.

If you don't have confidence in your own work, your own words, email a fellow family member and ask them to write with you. I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige. That's how I started writing poetry, with the help of these same poets. Before long, you'll be presenting beautiful work that you created.

This post is to let you know I have no patience for this. I consider it stealing and if you'll steal from them you'll steal from us.

Again, if you have posted work on this site that belongs to someone else, and have not included their permission for it be here, remove it right away.

Thank You.

I totally agree about people posting work as if it were there own but the part about Langston Hughs and Nikki Giovanni.....and so and so on well those are just of few of my fav's and ONE time I posted a poem by Maya Anelou and I stated that it was by here and I thought it was sorta nice, alot of these "legends" are inspirations to few and I feel like if you have posted your own creative work than why is it not ok to post your inspiration as long as you give credit to where credit is due?
I mean you may have not addressed it particularly to me or just me but i just wanted it to be known that i did not mean anything by it and that i did not and would not pass anything off as my work when it is not and a few enjoyed that particular piece. I just want to clear the air to let everyone know that if you took any offense to it none was meant....sorry fromm now i will keep my inspirations to myself and share them with my fellow poets on Poetry Night once again i apologize

This post is to you and anyone that has posted work on this site that belongs to someone else. Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou and many others, get paid for their work. If you or others think so highly of their accomplishments, then you should buy their books, cd's, movies, etc., and give them as gifts. This is a wonderful way to show your admiration. Don't take their work and post it on a web site where they get no compensation.

It is perfectly okay to hold someone in high esteem and recommend them to others ... but don't put their livelihood at risk by making their work available to the public for free.

With many up and coming authors, artists and poets on this site (some already published), respecting like work cannot be compromised. If you find this requirement too restrictive, I understand and we will miss you.

My position is firm on this. The poetry categories are for posting your own work, not the work of others. Additional categories are available for all other topics, none of which should include property that belongs to someone else.



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