Black Relationships : Rude as hell(ex means EX)

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    I remember being on a date with a guy I had it like Jada has it for Will.
    I was stilling there looking all up and through his eyes, and he had to say some ignorant crap to make me want to knock him over the little mexican waitresses head. He started talking about his ex girlfriend and how "skinny she was, and her body the bomb." How "he would take her back in a heartbeat" Ok so I here again.

    I may have been in lust but I was no fool. I got home and through his number so far up in the trash. That's rude as hell. Im 5.7, 191 pounds so thick you stick a fork in me and juice runs out. I don't want to hear ten times that your ex was a FIRM, FIT, FINE size negative zero. Men stop the madness. don't constantly talk about your ex on a date with a potential. WOMEN!! you are not exempt. You on a date with Ruben and talking about Usher, what the hezzy? Its about the inside, and obviously that person couldn't do the job.
    If you are not sure you are over that person stay out of public.

    Walking up to old white women singing boyz II men "its so hard to say goodbye" don't waste a sisters time we aren't her, in the words of ludacris you need to take a laxative and let that *^#$ go.
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    Rudeness can be a pain and trouble , when it come to male or female
    when they display such about what was then it's clear they not over it
    and best to step aside and let them continue to live inside there space.

    not only do men do this but women as well , why tell me about that fine guy
    but yet you not with him ........yep wasting my time .

    I hear you
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    You are not heavy especially for your height.
    He was a jerk !
    If he thought it he should have kept it to himself!
    I dated an @ss like that before.
    I think he was a gay virgin he just didn't know it yet!:darts:
    And girl even if they paid me, I wouldn't be a zero.:luvv:
    I know women that pay to get what we got!