Pan Africanism : Royal 'Allah' vs Hadzabe 'Hine' vs Western Media 'God'

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    Which CREATOR wants you to LIVE.....

    Even though I am out here in the WEST this is NOT WHAT MY ENSLAVED ANCESTORS intended AFRICA to be. I feel ASHAMED that we in the NATION support SAUDI ARABIA ROYALS in their WEALTH to do SUCH to the HADZABE.

    The HADZABE did not INSTIGATE this MATTER. The WESTERN MEDIA although they posted the STORY also are EQUALLY HELPING with the DESTRUCTION of the HADZABE by not using their GREAT POWERS.

    They seek the PUBLIC to DO but last time I check MEDIA has BILLIONS of DOLLARS in their ACCOUNTS.

    Why dont you consider to SIMPLY USE IT.

    Some article MATTERS...

    Face to face with Stone Age man: The Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania

    The SAUDI ROYALS already have ENOUGH to take over the REST of the so called MUSLIM WORLD going EASTWARD. They even have GREAT INVESTMENTS in the NATION which many PEOPLE do not even KNOW ABOUT but are REALLY GLAD they get a PAYCHECK to DO THINGS. FINE and UNDERSTANDABLE. But why touch base with AFRICA with a PEOPLE who did no WRONG to YOU? This includes CURSED CITIZENS who also SET UP CAMP to STUDY the LAND of the HADZABE to PROFIT the WEST.

    It's GETTING DOWN to IT.

    Oh well.