Black Spirituality Religion : ROPE OF DESTINY

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    This morning on your way to work, did you make a new friend? You may have met this person while reading your newspaper on public transportation or while pumping gas at the QT. If you were fortunate to make a new acquaintance, consider this person as a strand of rope pulling you to your destiny.

    Twenty-five years ago the first strand of my rope began to form when God took the destiny I planned for my life out of my hands and placed it into the kindness of a new friendship. I'm grateful that God allowed this person to enter and remain in my life because if it wasn't for her kind words or smile at that time, I wouldn't have realized that people appreciated and loved me as I would have made the worst decision of my life.

    God allows people to enter our lives for a season, a lifetime but most definitely for a reason. If you ever get a chance, please pick up the latest CD by Hezekiah Walker and the Family because there is a song called, "I need you to survive" that just talks of how we are all a part of God's plan to assist each other and not bring one another down.

    Whether you believe it or not, from the custodial engineer in your workplace to the President of your company, the way we treat each other individually helps shape your destiny. Now there are many people reading this who are saying, "I don't need so and so in my life because she/he doesn't roll in the same economic status as I." WRONG! You are the main person who needs to read these words. Even though you have what appears to be everything materialistic in this world, think of the many people who assisted you to this achievement. You did not get there alone. God blessed you with individuals to pull you up and rise to this chapter in your life. You should never forget HIS kindness and grace. For when you get too high upon your horse, HE will knock you back down to reality.

    If possibe today, greet everyone with a kind word or gesture. I'm going to end today's blessing with some of the chorus from "I need you to survive".

    "I pray for you, you pray for me. I love you, you love me. I won't harm you with words from my mouth. We are a part of God's master plan. I need you to survive."

    Have a blessed day!!
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    Beautiful words, Leaky. Thanks for the uplift.
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    I do believe we all meet for a reason, and never a coincidence. :) We're all destined to walk the road before us, but it's our decisions which make it clear on which road we are walking. Some are meant to walk with us, while others, it's not possible without both having harm done to them both.

    I just believe in doing rightly upon everyone we meet, because that's what I'd like done for myself, and believe this is righteous before our Father and KING. He has done a mercy upon us when he sent His Only Begotten as a sacrifice for our iniquities, and showed us love and compassion with the redemption He has granted by our faith in His sacrifice and belief in His resurrection. So, if the Father has given these with His Faithful Son, a kind word, a compassionate heart, and a merciful soul shouldn't be hard for us, at all, to grant to brother and sister of the earth. That's how I see it. :D