Black Poetry : Romanticly Yours


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
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U know my romance is to keep
when we play our bodies sweep
as i get down low a deep
in da sensual bliss so meek
as we gether under da sheet

Feeling ya motions of sway
in da depth of this lay
where we put on our own display
turning nights to day
at the sandy line of da bay

Lickin ya up and down
making moves to ya mound
touching ya in rapid motion
feeding u my love devotion
where ya kitty purrrr in eruption

Clutchin tight holding ya head
as we lay eroticly in da bed
doing things beyond compare
romanticly wit tender care
dancin in da glist of love
side to side, under and above

There's no place like da glasshouse
where u can roam moan so free
as we move naked and in nudity

I am ya romantic flava
the love ya heart can saviour
da blisser to ya desire
the water to put out ya fire

I am romanticly sweet
a lovin hot sugar treat
yet a rumbler like da jungle beast
and i smoothly drop to feast

so go head shake ya rumproast
as we lift our love and toast
to a midnight hot shower
and lace da floor wit red flowers
chocolate yummies
a tongue twist glist
as we lip to lip kiss

I'm romanticly your
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