Black Short Stories : Romantic Weekend part 2


Jan 20, 2008
When I get to the dining room there is some slow music playing at just the right volume and something smells so good. The table was set and I sat in my seat. On my plate there was yet another card and a velvet box. The card said, “Put these on they are dull without you. With your beauty they will sparkle like the stars in the sky. Then ring the bell next to your plate. Love!” I opened the box and staring at me where these beautiful dangling diamond earrings and a matching necklace. I put them on and then rang the bell. Jay came out in just some silk bottoms. He was matching what I had on. ****, my baby was so sexy!
He stands at 6 feet 2 inches. He is brown skin with light brown eyes. He is a little bow legged. He has a small but firm butt and he is packing just what I need. He is thick and long. He has these amazing abs and arm muscles. He has a gorgeous smile. His eyes and smile always seem to meet. He is my Mr. Perfect. Thank you Jesus!
We had fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, steak, corn, and french fries with some wine. Everything that I like. We enjoyed diner and our conversation. After we were finished he cleared the table and told me to wait. He went into the kitchen and brought back out a large silver platter with two slices of Boston cream pie. He handed me one and sat down with the other. I finally finished mine and noticed that he hadn’t touched his. He took my hand and brought me around to him. He untied my teddy and it hit the floor. He picked me up and sat me on that silver platter. He put that Boston cream pie on me from my neck to the softness between my legs. He started eating every little bit. By the time he got to my softness I wasn’t ready for the licking he put on me. He didn’t leave a drop of food on me. His tongue stroked me so softly that I thought he was just breathing on it. Then the strokes got stronger. I felt his tongue plunge deep inside me. I am so wet now and my baby is making sure he gets every little drop of me. He slides a finger in and continues eating. I am holding his head, and my eyes are in the back of my head. He knows I am about to explode because I start gripping his head with my legs. He stops and lays me on down on the table and puts my legs in the air and spreads them out to the side as far as they could go. He sits there and just looks at my softness. He stands up and he is rock hard. He starts eating me like it is his last meal. I am squeezing my nipples. He slides his fingers in me again and continues to eat. I just can’t take it anymore. I tell him that I am getting ready to cum. He takes his finger out and keeps my legs spread and continues eating. I can’t contain it anymore and cum in my baby’s mouth. He makes sure to get it all. I am so sensitive and he is still eating and makes me yell out in pleasure while I cum again.
He puts my teddy back on me and we went into the living room. There was a chair sitting in the middle of the floor. He told me to have a seat. He went over to the stereo and changed the song to Jodice “Forever My Lady”. Now, Jay can’t dance but I didn’t know that he took a class on stripping just for me. He stripped down to a light purple thong. The kind of thong where the d*** slides into a sheath. It had something written on it. It read; for my baby. When he raised his d*** up there was a flap that covered his balls and it said TJ. For my baby TJ. He gave me one hell of a lap dance. Jay got all up in my face with his d***. I tore that thong off of him. D*** was just looking at me. I took a hold of him and put the head in my mouth. I just worked on the head for a little. He started moaning and closed his eyes. He tried to tell me to stop and that is when I took him in as far as I could. When I got as far to the base as I could I griped my lips a little tighter and slide him out very slowly all the while working my tongue around. I do this because I know what Jay likes. I start to suck him a little faster and he starts to get harder. I am massaging his balls and licking him from the base to the head. I flick his head with my tongue right where the head and the shaft meets. I start sucking on him really good. I get a good rhythm going with my hands and my mouth until I fill his a** checks get tight and I know he is about to explode. Here it is! I know because I feel the head swell a little larger and, oh yeah, there it is. He explodes in my mouth and I take it all in. Not wasting a drop. He is so sensitive now and his knees are starting to buckle but I keep going until he has to stumble back away from me to get away. Jay has really blown my mind tonight and I hope I have done the same.
My goodness, when I thought the flames of part one could not be surpassed, I see that I was wrong, whew, this was fire.

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