Black Short Stories : Romantic Weekend part 1


Jan 20, 2008
I put my key into the lock and turned it. It made a slight click to indicate to me that it was unlocked. As I pushed the door open I caught my breath. My heart started pounding and I started breaking out in a light sheen of sweat. There were lit candles in every direction going into every room as far as I could tell. No lights were on in the house and there were no kids making any noise. I turned around and walked back out of the house. I had to have walked into the wrong house. I thought I heard the lock click but maybe I just thought I did. No No No, this was my house. I slowly walked back inside and shut the door.
Let me break it down for you. My name is Tandy Jalill Smith (TJ) and I have been married to my husband Jason Smith (Jay) for 15 years. Things have been good for us. We have two wonderful children. My husband has his own construction company and yes, he has the body to prove it. Yes, he has the total package. He is sexy as hell, smart, talented, and he loves me. He really doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. At least I didn’t think he did which brings me back to the present.
As I look around I am so emotional and I start tearing up. There is a red rose with a card at the foot of the stairs. I go pick up the rose and there is a key tied to it. The card read: “To the Love of my life, this will be one night that you will never forget. Now get your fine self up the stairs and go to the bathroom. Love!” I am so excited my panties are wet. I take the card and the rose up the stairs to my Master bathroom. My baby was really doing it up. On the edge of the tub were two red roses and another card. He had run me a bubble bath with rose pedals floating around. While I am standing there holding the card and the three roses all I could say was thank you Jesus!!!! I opened the card and it said: “Press play.” I looked around to find our radio sitting in the corner of the sink. I guess I missed it because of all the candles in the there. I pressed play and Jay’s voice came out. “Hello beautiful! I want you to take those clothes off. Over by the tub there is a glass of wine to help you relax. Your blind fold is there also. Once you get in the tub put it on and just lay back and relax. I will be in shortly but no talking. There is a jazz cd in the player. Now get in and let those rose pedals rub up against your beautiful soft skin. I love you baby!” I did what I was told to do. The music, the wine, and the hot bubble bath were what I needed. I felt his lips touch mine and I called out his name. He tells me to hush. I go to take off the blind fold but he stops me. I feel him put the sponge on my neck and the water runs down my back and down over my now erect nipples. He is doing a hell of a job washing me. His hands and lips are all over my body. I must say if feels soooooooo good. All of my nerves are tingling with excitement. He is making little circles with his fingers starting from my neck then to my breast. He lingers at my breast. I feel him take my left nipple in his mouth and a soft moan escapes from me. He has on hand working on one nipple while his tongue is working on the other. Then he switches it up. I want to touch him but he won’t let me. I feel his hand slide down my belly into the water. He nudges my legs a little to make me open them so that he can get his hand between them. He takes two fingers and opens my lips up while another finger is rubbing around my **** and my inner lips. The water has started getting hotter because my body temperature has just shot up. He is rubbing my breast and rubbing my softness. I feel him insert one finger into me and I almost lose it. It is feeling so good that I just want to touch him but he still won’t let me. Fingers two and three inter my softness. Yes! Yes! Yes! Was all I could say. I catch the rhythm of his fingers and we start to dance to our own beat. He starts telling me to cum to him with his fingers. He knows he has me at my peak and right when I start to come he kisses me deep and long and I come all over his fingers in the tub. He stands me up and finishes bathing me. He takes me out and dries me off. He puts some lotion all over my body. I go to pull the blind fold off but he stops me again. He is dressing me now. I feel something soft caress my body. The music stops and I hear Jays voice come out of the speakers again. “I hope you enjoyed your bath.” You know I did! “Now you can take off your blind fold. I will see you soon.” I take off the blind fold and look around but there was no Jay. On the counter were four roses and another card. Before I opened the card I look at what I have on or should I say what I didn’t have on. It was a sheer light purple teddy. It had thin straps and the breast had cups but it tied right in the center of my breast. You could still see my nipples. The front of the teddy came down just about mid thigh. The back went all the way to my fee. I had on a pair of heels that matched. My baby did well! I read the card and it said, “It is time to EAT! Come to the dining room and have a seat.”


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