Black Short Stories : Romantic Weekedn part 3 (the end)


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Jan 20, 2008
We have these huge pillows that we have just to lounge around on. Jay walked over and pulled them in front of the fireplace. He lit the fire and we just laid there and talked. I asked him what all of this was for. He rose up and looked me in the eyes and said, “TJ I have loved you for so long. I know that things have started getting a little off between us lately and I just wanted to show you how much I love and appreciate you, my wife.” We just lay there for a little while longer talking, enjoying each other, and the mood.
Jay takes my hand and helps me up. He tells me to go up stairs to our room and that he will be up shortly. I head up stairs. When I open the door there are more candles. Rose pedals ran from the door to the bed. On top of the bed were rose pedals, eight long steam roses, and 9 velvet boxes. There were 8 little boxes by each rose and a big velvet box in the center of the bed with another card. The only thing the card said was I LOVE YOU!!!!! Jay walked in the room with two glasses of wine. ****, my man is so sexy!!! He handed me a glass of wine and then told me to open the big one first. Inside it was a platinum charm bracelet with no charms on it. It was beautiful!! Inside the little boxes there were letters that were platinum incrusted with diamonds and a single solid platinum heart. It spelled out LOVE JAY with the heart in between LOVE and Jay. As he connected each one onto my bracelet he gave me a kiss for each on. He told me that the roses were for each year that we had been together. I moved the roses while we were kissing trying not to miss a beat. He started kissing me all over my body. I was already wet with anticipation of what was to come so when he slipped inside of me both of us moaned with pleasure at the same time. I could feel his every inch going in and out of me so slow and so deep. He would sink so deep inside of me and stop and just let my softness throb around him. When he started pulling out of me I would grip him as he slid out making it tighter for him. I put my legs up in the air as far back as they would go. My feet were touching the head board by now. Making sure my baby got all the way inside of me. We went at it for hours. We tried different things that just came across our minds. We did things that we only thought about doing. He even had me in a sort of a back bend while he was inside of me. He was holding my a** while I was bent over backwards with my hands on the floor. By the time we finished the sheets were off of the bed and the mattress was soaked. We were both covered in our love making. All we could do was lay where we were holding each other and sleep.
I awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast. It smelled so good. Jay brought me breakfast in bed. I looked around the room and everything had been cleaned up. I love this man with all of my heart and I make sure I let him know every chance I get. Thank God it is the weekend. We had a wonderful weekend. Jay had gotten one of our friends to keep the kids for the weekend. We made love the whole weekend. We did any and everything we wanted to. This was the best weekend of my life. It was up there with the honeymoon.

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