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    Is it me or does it seem that no one has time for true romance anymore? Remember how it was the first time you saw your man? When you looked at him across the room and vowed, 'he's going to be mine!"

    How he crossed the crowded room to introduce himself to you and it seemed like there was no one else around? When he shook your hand and held it just that split second longer than necessary to let you know he was feeling you?

    Remember your first date, when you were as nervous as a school girl getting yourself put together to blow his mind when he saw you? Remember the look in his eyes when he did?

    Remember the light conversation and his unwavering attention to your wants and needs? The awkwardness of him walking you to the door to say good night, wanting to kiss him, yet knowing it was far too soon?

    Remember when you couldn’t wait to jump on the phone to your girls to give them a play by play of the entire evening. Sharing with them the things you wanted to do, giggling like a nut, knowing full well you weren't going to move too fast or let him move too fast because you didn't want to mess things up.

    Remember the house/dinner parties and slow dancing; feeling the affect you had on him as he pulled you closer and his breathing grew deep? Remember when you took the time to get to know someone and didn’t just try to hop into the sack before you knew what you were getting into?

    I recently starting dating, as it’s been two years since my husband of 18 years passed away, and boy times have changed!

    Sisters, please tell me that there are still real men out there who want to take the time to get to know you, to romance you. Heck, to treat you like the lady that you are, instead of starting at the end of the relationship!?!

    Whatever happened to light touches and small flirtations? Are we moving so fast in this day and time of technology that we’re forgetting the important things in hooking a sister up before hooking a sister up?
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    I think there still are guys out there like that - not every guy is after all he can get as soon as possible, though I'm sure the way some women act encourages them in that belief. I wouldn't say I was repressed, but I've never been into the one night stand thing so many girls my age seem to enjoy, for me first dates end in just a kiss at the front door still and serious stuff is only on the cards after 4 or 5 dates. I know that's probably still fast compared to times past, but it does give the guy a chance to try a bit at the romancing rather than the 'hi you look cute, fancie a quickie' that some guys think is a brilliant chat up technique.
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    There are lots of good men left out here , who value a new start of a relationship
    and a woman worth to not just do a jump start seek action, but how to court a lady