Black Poetry : Romance is phat to glance at a chance for hats to come off in respect of ARETHA FRANKLIN, my pie sho


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May 11, 2006
Romance is phat to glance at a chance for hats to come off
in respect of ARETHA FRANKLIN, my pie shook now boys lost
take a sly look I buy a book that will cover this story then toss
panties on rear view guess it's clear to have sex at a time like this
well anyway I'm a red bone ready to head home a certain type of kiss
can create hormones and see cake being thrown all over the place
wearing laces from the street fine and flirting faces peeped from behind
the curtain, like BEYONCE and USHER they wanna make love up in this club
I just know I'm hot but not a thot, so boys drop words in my eardrum above
the rest they just love my breasts now I'm a VIRGINIA BEACH REDBONE with
yellow sweaty thighs and the confetti flies, like kites this stuff is swift

I sit in this boy's lap he wanna toy and crap he no doubt planning and outstanding game tried to leave that place but he squeezed my waist
and that really teased my lace then he kissed my lips I had a brisk drip in my panties couldn't escape with pudding and cake oh he jest got my tongue I was moving my thing around he almost lost his mind I couldn't go anywhere I was so wet down there so this is BLACK HIPHOP IN VIRGINIA BEACH no sex but may need a kotex flow text on the cell phone and being an infidel is wrong and wonder when ET gonna come home

drive a hummer and lumber is a piece of wood I feast in hood with peanut butter in south and it clutter your mouth went to the club invent love left a dent in the rug, ignite hopes, type quotes write notes which are short letters get all sorts of clever remarks and see parks to visit so explicit, stupid mean without sense no doubt they convinced that hating is the right way, look this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH the whack can't reach this level with a ladder can't climb a rhyme
this boy had game and itching he came into the kitchen can't blame the chicken
for frying KENTUCKY FRIED as he makes a lucky stride toward the bedroom kicking
verse in my ear his thirst appear to be serious his groove was clearer after he moved
nearer survive with stats and confusion and arrive at conclusions, need a sweet boo
to speak to because a weak crew can mislead you, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and I'm down at REDBONE with my white bike and chick awight, so boo got a sick plan and a kick stand got boss hype and exhaust pipes but right now we're in CHESAPEAKE
and this girl's breasts are sweet and her dress unique she's ride or die chick in a mini-skirt
and pants, so boo I think I love you hips right lips a delight let me flip you pancakes tonight
NAW PLAYER I know one boy got my pancakes he thought he was in IHOPP I try stop but he was going crazy yelling oh baby boo bring the syrup, I think he broke the bed I heard something crack for real and the headboard was jumping oh he was pumping getting
some, oh the phat lips on my thing was so wet but no regrets so I was letting
him have his way talking about a crazy marriage and a baby carriage now I got black sweaty thighs ears ready for lies because before the cake collision gonna have to make decisions and take missions such as keeping on my panties
have fun and brown but was spun around by a kiss I was not ready now hot
and sweaty even BETTY CROCKER knows this is cake mix too hot to trot
I softly strut and like a coffee cup boys wanna sip I'm gonna strip and see
what happens, not in a hurry to complain my thing wet like a flurry of rain
even STELPH CURRY came with the three,


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