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    By Andre Austin

    The Roman Empire has created the Catholic Church through warfare with the Jews, primarily from 66-70AD. They incorporated the Vestal Virgins into their cult of Nuns and the Trinity they got from three Emperors of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. These three Christ are known as the father, son and spirit. They claimed descent from Venus (morning star/ Lucifer). One of the three claimed he was born of a virgin and the last one a seed from David/star branch. One is said to be a God and the other says not to worship. Two of the three receiving and underline was bi-sexual and the last sodomized Paul as the Anubis Dog-head.

    The Last of the Dynasty of Emperors Domitian wore a Roman wig made out of white wool. The original Christ who wore his nappy wool hair naturally was killed off and his deeds and creeds were erased. By analogy allow me to explain the theft, deception and plagiarism of the Roman criminal Enterprise. You heard of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers ? Where bodies are put to sleep and replicated and put in the image of the Aliens who stole their souls. Well that’s what the Romans did. I’m explaining in this manner so that an 8 to 88 year old can get the connection. After the Romans killed off (put to sleep) the militant messianic Jews they replicated themselves as Christ. The three you worship as Christ, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian are just using the name of Jesus as a mask. Well its time to take off the mask, some want to lift up the Pope’s robe and reveal who they are and who they are not. When it’s written that those who say they are Jews and are not they are trying to tell you that they are Romans. Why did they do this? To create the Frankenstein of:

    1. To promote anti-Semitism

    2. Tax paying, Census cooperating subjects. Paying to Caesar and God went hand and hand because Caesar was a God & Emperor.

    3. Pacifism, turn the other cheek

    4. Accept slavery

    5. Turn away from dietary laws

    6. Opposed colonization of Rome

    7. Economic sanctions for not worshiping Titus (666). Domitian (Christ) in Rev claimed on paper he didn’t worship but was just the opposite in reality.

    After being put to sleep they transformed the militant Jews into the above and symbolically into donkeys, pigs, vipers, sheep etal. The word Church comes from Greek Goddess Circe who turns men into pigs. The flock feeds the Shepard and not vice versa. The Messianic Jews were the opposite of what the NT portrays them. We have computer ID theft going on now to steal your money, life and liberty & happiness (property).

    The Maccabees and other militant Jews first used the word Satan in the OT to refer to King David because he did a Census of the people so depicting Jesus family returning to his place of birth to comply with a Census. Who benefit from this? Rome. “We see that Nazareth is not the birthplace of Jesus but represents yet another aspect of the mythos. As Gerald Massey states, the actual birthplace of the canalized Christ was neither Bethlehem nor Nazareth, but [Frankenstein] Rome” (The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S p. 191) This alone should have been a red flag to alert readers that a fraud was going on; that an invasion of peoples souls where already took place by the Dracula Empire of Rome who are pretending to be Jews so that they can be worshiped by Christians unwittingly. But we don’t have time for no pretenders we want the real nappy, wooly head Negroes who opposed Rome. The Father of History, Herodotus wrote in Book 2 of The Histories that the Egyptians had hair of wool; from which Jews and Ethiopians are classed together in Amos 9:7 We need to scrap the Gospels because of the glorification of Vespasian as healing the blind man eyes, Titus as fishing for men, and Domitian riding a white horse coming to kill off all the Jews. We need to pick up The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the original bible the Jews used before they broke off from us.


    When Martin Luther was with the Catholic Church he prayed to the Goddess Mary to heal his broken leg. Why did he do this? Because Mary is an offshoot, spoof, parody, Typecast of Isis. Isis was the mother of healing, hospitals and nurses. They control directly and indirectly hospitals and schools. Without the history/mythology of Isis there would have been no New Testament Mary. Isis was a nurse to her husband Osiris who was cut into several pieces by Satan. Isis was able to bandage him back and resuscitate him back to life. Isis should be an example to the black woman helping to restore the Blackman who is in the Big house of the Penitentiary as we help her get out of the house of Prostitution. Black women want to be nurses like Isis but don’t master biology, math and science and are relegated to being a nurse aide assisting the white woman in her career while you get left holding the piss and **** bag and washing all those old, wrinkled assess. We must get the American dream as outlined in the Constitution of Life, liberty and happiness (property). It was originally property but We were slaves and never was part of the “WE the People” or “All men created Equal”. The white man’s dream to take effect needed Indian Land and Free black labor. Their dream our nightmare. This dream originally was sparked by the Pope allowing slavery and a Public edict from the Maryland Colony that laid the foundation for racism. But the Arabs had us for a thousand years before the Pope did. This was a doctrine of exclusion keeping blacks non-competitive and non-compensated. Malcolm X said King’s vision was a tragic one of brotherhood of exclusion. Farrakhan then said King died because he had no vision. Farrakhan’s vision was based on a Mother-plane having smaller planes come out and destroy whites and give blacks their life, liberty and property. And the Jews that control Hollywood produced a movie Independence Day to shoot down Farrakhan’s frozen dream.

    Corporation who own, run and direct the Media have anointed and turned the current Pope into a Rock star. I didn’t think anything was sinister about it until they started associating terrorism with the word ISIS. The government told them that the correct name is ISIL but CNN and all the others are reporting that the Terrorist are called ISIS. Then they are promoting the Catholic Church/Circe at the same time knowing that the foundation of Mary is based on the Egyptian Goddess Isis. But corporation want a One world government which follows a One-Religion. Corporations want cheap labor coming from Mexico and Latin America which is predominantly Catholic. So Catholics get more people in their pews, Corporations get cheap labor, Politicians then get votes and the poor blacks are left out of the Rainbow of benefits. Then the government plugs in computer programs to alert them when key words pop up on the internet chat rooms, blogs and Facebook. So it appears that the media is attempting brainwash people into being averse to the ancient Egyptian religion of Isis & Osiris when is the foundation of the Old and New Testament. I don’t know if its working or not but 15% of America is Atheist/Agnostic and they have no political representation in Congress.

    Martin Luther wrote a little pamphlet called The Jews & their Lies (1543). He was close to the truth but didn’t the identity of Satan. Luther would have been correct if he would of said The Romans & their Lies. Luther wrote:

    “A Christian should be satisfied and not quarrel with the Jews. But if you think you must or desire to talk with them, do not say more than this: Do you hear, Jew, do you know that your principality together with the temple and priesthood are destroyed now for 1460 years? For this year, as we Christians write after the birth of Christ 1543, it is exactly 1469 years, and is thus going on 1500 years since Vespasian and Titus destroyed Jerusalem and expelled the Jews from it. On this little note let the Jews bite and dispute among themselves as long as they want to”.

    Luther didn’t know that Jesus ministry was just a parody of Titus military campaign against the Jews. Luther continues:

    “Well the Jews may regard our Lord Jesus Christ as whatever they desire; we see the fulfillment of Luke 21:20:23 “When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation there of is near for these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled”.

    Luther knew that Titus encircled Jerusalem within a wall and destroyed them. Which was the bases for the Second coming and Armageddon. “The famous passage in Rev of Armageddon simply depicts Titus’s gathering of his armies together at Caesarea, from whence he went to Jerusalem to crush the rebellion of the real messianic movement. Caesarea is directly below Mount Geddon, the word in Hebrew for Armageddon. It is not a prediction of some coming event. In the passage the Angel says ‘It is done’-echoing Jesus final words when he was on the Cross-to indicate that Titus has replaced the Jews messiah with himself. This theme repeats itself later in Rev when Domitian then adds on to the story”. (Shakespeare’s secret Messiah By Joe Atwill p.316). Black people need to stop worshiping these bi-sexual and sodomites as Christ, take off their Roman wigs of wool and pull up their Robes to see who they are. If Jesus said in 33AD that those living Generation (40 years) would not die until all the things fulfilled this puts Vespasian, Titus and Domitian smack dead in the middle because they ruled between 66-95AD. Lets not let the devil pull the wool over our eyes.

    If black people want to be free we have to take off the wool and shackles of all political, social economic and religious frauds. And if you want reparations you have to go through the treaties made with the Indians in 1865 and 1866 when we were slaves under all the Indian Tribes who fought with the Confederacy. The last Confederate General to surrender was a native American. Get your DNA tested and see what tribe you come off if any if you have any native blood. But I just want to know why people get reparations that fought against the North and why whites claim Indian blood but not black blood.

    The 13, 14 15 Amendments were exclusively to deal with Blacks but they bleached black people out. Therefore, in reality the 1857 Dred Scott case was never reversed. Just like when you got black coffee, ( Coffee, comes from caffa, Ethiopia where it was first used and grows wild, without any mixture its strong until its bleached out with milk, cream , sugar and other white substances. Well that’s what happened to the 14Amendment it applies to All which has the effect of weakening black and eventually excluding us just like they said in the Constitution We and All.

    Indians claim they are the native people

    White claim they are the superior people

    Jews claim they are the chosen people

    Blacks are afraid to claim we are the nappy wool headed Original People