Black People : Roman gods & goddesses...The Black goddess!?

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    Roman gods & goddesses in the Holy Land; the Triad--
    The Black goddess!?

    The temple of Jupiter in Jerusalem, called CAPITOLINE, was a major center of worship for most of the Roman Empire times. Based upon several accounts, many of the Roman idols were all at one time defined as being, the supreme idol, a situation of which seems confusing. But like the old temple of Jupiter in Central Italy of which was the center of worship for about 500 years and onward, as it was in the very capitol of Rome, it was so in Capitoline. This temple of Jupiter also had the same three idols carved on its pediment (top front of the Capitol). Although these three idols, including the god Jupiter, were not the only major Roman idols worshiped, they were obviously the most strategic presented to the masses in order to continually keep them in subjection. One would think that the god named for this very ancient government, An [Chanoch; the Great An], would have the most important temple built in his honor but it was not so. Perhaps it would be assumed that the supreme temple should be built in honor of Canaan [the Second Great An], the very ancestor and male origins of the Romans upon which they staked their very claim to the land ‘in the Middle East’ but it was not so! And what about the god Quirinus (Mercury), the god of Crowds? Was he not defined as the supreme god of Rome!? Why was he not afforded the recognition of having the supreme temple built in his honor? And what ever happened to their most ancient supreme Roman god, Apollo, revered in ancient Turkey for thousands of years and also in Rome before there was ever even a temple of Jupiter built? Yet, it was none of these gods, rather, the three deities were; (1) Jupiter, of course, for which the temple was named in honor of, (2) Juno, the wife of Jupiter and, (3) Cybele (var. Minerva) and, the definitions for this idol are so critical that a special consideration should be given to the various names that are often used by certain authoritarians on her presence.

    The origins of all three of these supreme idols, Jupiter, Juno and Cybele, erected on the temple of Jupiter deserve special attention since the worship of them caused the Roman Empire to remain in tact for thousands of years. Even though they are recognized as being unique respective to Roman times, based upon a deeper research and a comparison and contrast of certain historical records, all three of these idols go back much farther in time and their definitions encompasses more than one aspect; --more than one entity. And the understanding of them would certainly solve some great and profound riddles in which most people have deliberately taken the liberty to forget about. Rome was a government of excess even for the miserable slaves at times, and in this state of gluttonous stupor, reality was perhaps shoved back in the deep subconscious mind and the obvious was forgotten, ignored, or even justified [explained away] over a mode of indulgence. Rome was a caste oriented system in which White was supreme and Black was debase. But with no guns and no universal restraints, how was it possible for able-bodied Black people to give their minds over to a system in which clearly, they were viewed as inferior? What was it about the Romans that caused Black people to be reduced to such mind control? The answer lies in the Roman Triad of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The illumination of the dark origins of these ancient Roman idols could be a liberation for some Black people even today. The most obvious and pathetic fate of Black people can be captured in the overview of the very Triad idols there erected in Italy, Jerusalem and elsewhere and to behold for long periods of time. Each of the Roman supreme idols in this triad carry a wealth of history in which could fill up several books. However they also each carry a constant theme of which has never been broken and leads to a conclusion.

    The god Jupiter has always been ‘a malefactor’ and in the Roman times since the republic in 509 B.C., he became defined as ‘a white malefactor’ and the supreme god of the Triad. The goddess Juno has always been ‘a female factor’ and in accordance with her name, she has always been ‘a white woman and the wife of the most high god’ in this case it was Jupiter. Finally, the name of the third goddess in the Triad has often fluctuated and viewed by some as Minerva, others as Venus and still others as Afrodeity, but mostly she became known as the universal goddess Cybele by all the world. Hindsight might reveal that Black people might have been appeased due to the erection of the idol, Cybele, on the temple of Jupiter. They may have accepted her presence as being their universal ‘beauty symbol’ and believed that they were acknowledged by the Roman government. Cybele was so important that the Romans made sure to build her a separate temple in Jerusalem. But, here lies the reality through some deep questions that might lead to a better understanding of a universal Black predicament, not only way back then, but even today. Here lies the foundation of even slavery and the Slave Ship Era of today;

    There are three idols and two of them are white and husband and wife so; (1) WHY WAS CYBELE’S HEAD NOT COVERED!? (2) WHERE WAS HER HUSBAND!? (3) WHY WAS THERE NOT FOUR IDOLS? (4) WHERE WAS THE BLACK MALEFACTOR!? (5) WHY WAS SHE APART OF THIS TRIAD and, WHAT WAS HER ROLE!? (6) WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE BLACK MIND THAT THEY COULD NOT PERCEIVE THE OBVIOUS FATE OF BLACK WOMEN IN THE VERY EDIFICATION OF THE SUPREME ROMAN TRIAD ON THE TEMPLE OF JUPITER!? (7) WHY COULD THEY NOT SEE THE OBVIOUS PREDICAMENT OF BLACK MEN AND CHILDREN AS A RESULT OF THIS KIND OF DEIFICATION? Divide and Conquer. . . the exploitation of Black women . . . and on one side; the side of the Romans was Salome and Bernice and many more like them. . . but on the other side . . . Jesus stood there with Mari, Mari and Mari . . . more Rami girls, . . . a handful of aboriginals . . . and he was beaten and hung . . .

    Now though, hindsight might reveal that Cybele was up there on that cursed temple because there was a certain kind of ideal BLACK WOMAN that has something to do with the rise of WHITE SUPREMACY!!!

    Are Black women, descendants of slaves, born in a bubble . . . born to overtly deify the white man and to inadvertently detest the Black man while some even do it boisterously? . . . Are Black women born in sin . . . trained to nurture our young to esteem white beauty on the slave yard and in front of the TV . . . trained from young to rebel against the norm? . . . and encouraged to be promiscuous . . . conditioned to believe we should not be loved . . . Are Black men, descendants of slaves, born in a bubble . . . born to outwardly obsess over Juno and to blatantly disrespect Black woman? . . . Are Black men born in sin . . . trained to view Black women not as sensual, and trained by the nurturer on the slave yard and while he watches her watch TV . . . trained from young to go against nature . . . to be the big strong buck . . . and rejected by Black women in search of . . . .

    When the Roman Empire ended, was there ever a time when Black respect began? Did the Roman Empire ever end? Or, did it regenerate? Was its deadly wound healed . . . with the help of Black Slave Catchers . . . Black Slave Children . . . exploited . . . grown up . . . to exploit?

    There happens to be much IRNI to this historical empire government of the Romans. One IRONY would be that of the ultimate fate of most Black women in this White Supremacist system. If the Black woman was so deified by Rome then, why did we become the bottom of the caste system? And, if Black women had such high idol representation by these caste oriented systems of the world then, why were we the only women-kind on this earth to be put through the Slave Ship Voyages? Why have many of us been . . . Stolen from our families . . . as little girls . . . raped . . . killed . . . enslaved until death . . . raped . . . captive until death . . . raped . . . put in ghettos . . . raped . . . denied proper education . . . molested . . . abandoned . . . neglected . . . for hundreds and hundreds of years? Didn’t Rome get fat off of child enslavement? Who chose the children to be sold into slavery from the slave yard to become the pawn of White Supremacy? . . . Are we in a cyclic trap? If so, how can the cycle be broken? How did the ancient Black people cope with such an unequal representation of expression within the Roman Empire mind? How did this ever come to be? Could the answers rest in the origins of the Roman Triad? Knowledge is Power. Cont.

    A Brief Study of the Historical Basis of the Roman Traid;
    Jupiter, Juno & Cybele [Part III]

    . . . the shrine of Rocamadour was one of the most celebrated Marian pilgrimage sites during the Middle Ages. Unknown to most pilgrims - then and now - the site was previously a holy place of Sulevia, Minerva and Iduenna (a triple goddess integrated by Cybele) and later a Celtic shrine.


    Rocamadour, a Marian Apparition site in France, was a celebrated pilgrimage shrine during the Middle Ages.

    A fertility goddess, her cult thrived until 300 CE. In Rome she was a manifestation of all goddesses: Cybele, Minerva, Venus, Juno, Proserpina, Ceres, Diana, Gaia, Rhea, Bellona, Hectate, and the moon. [Egyptian Isis], cybele&f=false

    Understanding the Bible

    Understanding the Bible: A Guide to Reading the Scriptureswill inform your reading and enrich your understanding of the Bible from historical, literary, and faith perspectives. It is ideal for use regardless of your background, your beliefs, your...

    The ‘Berecyntian’ of Beneventum (CIL, X, 1596) is a Cybele who bears the name Minerva, thus a warrior Mother related to Bellona., cybele&f=false

    The Cults of the Roman Empire

    This book is about the multiplicity of gods and religions that characterized the Roman world before Constantine. It was not the noble gods such as Jove, Apollo and Diana, who were crucial to the lives of the common people in the empire, bur gods...

    The "sacred feminine" was connected with the salvation god. Her name was Inanna. She was later known as Ishtar, then as Isis, Minerva, Diana, Venus, Cybele, Ashteroth, and others. This great goddess had multitudes of names, and was generally called "the great mother" or "queen of heaven.” In most of her shrines, she was seen as a mediator, speaking in behalf of those who adored her. Attached to her were such concepts as fertility, protection of mothers, and helper of men at war. She was the one "of a thousand names." In connection with Attis in Rome, she was called Cybele. . . . The "sacred feminine" is the third element of ancient paganism.

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