Black Poetry : Rollin Wheels (freestyle)

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    Rollin of da wheels got me back on my heels
    she was the hottest deal love it when she squeel
    when to da club on these wheelly dubs
    girls wanna a hug so i hump shoulders wit a snub
    soon was flood when i bust a bud soaked in suds
    it was juicy loose booty nice n' fruity gettin up on me
    multi colors sexing a brother can't be her lover
    headed home remine me of another
    so down on my wheels as i peel off stop at da studio
    crack on da Mc's wit a lyrical squeeze mix-beat
    spitin words from da street makin cats feel weak
    talkin bout da night as i shead some light
    from this plite of honies my own sweet bunnies
    now kissy wanna roll my wheels too young
    got body chills and mental fears
    all i see is mad years and sad tears
    so i turn my head this whack & dead so home i go
    off to bed for another day to make some bread
    to da candy apple job ya know the nobs and the slob
    is why i'm going hard , going hard
    22nd block as i crack my glot rollin wheels
    moving in da drama cross baby momma gotta get away
    no time for child play just making it through da day
    rollin wheels