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May 9, 2007
i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
Rollercoaster (my third addition to

they say life has ups and downs and ups again
twirling in the tides and whirling in the wind
when will this whirlwind end?
when.. the laws of nature begin

she will take you to the sky if you simplify
until you defy gravity how high can you fly?

all aboard the midnight express
to the moonlight crescent controlling the crest
i'm starting to see spaceships and angels undressed
drinking fine wine thinking i'm blessed
oh, yes

i didn't forget where i came from
the slums where we bang drums like untamed guns
same young, dumb kids pitching packs for funds
i see ol' schools and angels undressing for fun
under the sun we sin, we men, not mice

thrice... keep shaking the dice
thick smoke penetrated by red and blue lights...
put that $#@! out! get ready for the ride of your life

in pursuit of black males in pursuit of happiness
they just happen to be taking a right
is it true that crack sales is known as trappin'?
then tell me why we acting like mice

i've been through loops and zig-zags, tunnels and turns
rings of fire and didn't get burned i just learned

stand here, are you tall enough?
but, are you small enough..
to know that you are controlling this ride -Sha'iyn:wchair: :horse: :car:
this ride is high often we forget to strap in as we make them bends
but the path is correctly made .....great piece poet keep flowing
and sharing as love is given , give some love in return ................


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