Black Poetry : Rocking With the Flow

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    Rocking With the Flow

    Have a plot odd purchase hot rods at the toy store boys galore
    Love cars went to Wal-Mart lifting a cart stiffen my heart before
    Felt weak, wanted much now my desires are stable need wire and
    Cable to tie fruits and loop the apple tree branches so they stand
    Straight and not lean and create a hot scene for viewing while renewing
    My pride as a gardener, need a dame deft so I could maintain myself doing
    That sexual thing after having a textural fling with sex books before
    Going to work at night let her flirt in my sight kiss her lips and adore
    Her hips. By rhyme laws yall can’t kill this don’t even know the cause
    Of my illness, this is a demonstration on how to film a nation that has pause
    Just to listen at my lyricism it’s realism even Shirley Chism will tell
    You this, unique glad and clever and like a week of bad weather I dwell
    Over a prolong period to flow strong with lyrics then act ill and swell
    And like Jack and Jill go to the well to fetch a pale of water not an infidel
    Look my rhymes continued after interruption to make a master production
    Of raps, my rhymes unravel minds and travel in timeplus do brian suction
    Allow flavor to remain and somehow this cause major pain make a neighbor
    Catch a migraine best yall take asperin before I’m plastering this ill vapor
    Upon your wall, for these cats that write one verse a year you piss in here
    You don’t exist and you won’t twist microphones, just some pissed sincere