Black Poetry : Rock & Roll

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    just like the famed Billy Joel with rock & roll

    the choices we make to bust up the tempo

    showing you the way you should go

    out of every circumstance

    learn to take part in the dance

    to swing on a vine created by a great design

    the song was in my heart through mere beauty

    blazing in my heart of hearts

    we look for peace in the good quest of time

    the marching orders to become combersome

    shadows block the vortex in my mind

    thank you for the opportunity to express

    look above to the heavenly love

    help us to see the manifestation of rich art

    search in certain circles what is spiritual

    why does one equate logical persuasion with fear

    helps to draw ever so near to draw back a tear

    cosmic swing on the ritual scheme

    love in the heart will impart an opened door

    the willingness to explore so much more

    cry with tears of joy onto a girl or a boy

    love is the quaint response to take part

    we love for he first loved us I must confess

    to trust in a power greater then self