Black Poetry : Roam the Street

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    Roam the Street

    On the street a lots often run into a wall of concrete
    Blocks need to be a nation bless with peace can’t eat
    To stressed to feast get rude love from a multitude of thugs
    Can’t elude drugs, mood is to hug cash, face getting mugged
    When the crime ends you must find friends battle in courts
    And straddle the support to duck jail time in a walled fort
    Invited to a weathy party because of my strong healthy body
    To play the security roll purity unfold when the grass heartedly
    Pass everybody wanted to puff the stuff I said “enough now
    Pass the grass and a glass of wine drop in the garbage somehow
    It hard to be legal I must guard you from evil handcuffs are tough
    My stuff ain’t false and it taint like frost blight crops never bluff
    When I write Hip Hop and stuff rhymes into lines and bars
    My flow goes raw like a proposed law with the blessings bazaar
    Of the government, ocean of scriptures are like motion pictures
    Speak the renowned truth from a soundproof booth no fixtures
    Attach, mixtures match DJ Red alert make heads perk like tea
    Kettles, have stamina with cameras noise never reach the free
    Microphone, look my luck sweet like buck wheat can make
    Pancakes like IHOPP try not to bragg but keep a dang mandate
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    Off da hizzy like lil wizzy
    when it come to da streets
    tappin a beat sweet lamb a treat
    when lyrics leak , ink drip
    as lines dip from ther lip cross da mic
    layin tight gotta hold on to da darn mandate

    this was str8 da hook up !