Black Poetry : RISKY

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    My chapters and flows are lame as rappers proclaims
    We live in the best world as riches are twirl to tame
    Our desires the best about this here is that pessimists
    Fear it’s true, try buy grocery at Walmart founded out
    Poetry is art sold by the whack and driven all about
    Town like an old Cadillac best put some dubs or hubs
    On its wheels and try get some legit deals so no love
    Lost with the cost, it’s expressed in speech as stress reach
    The ears of the untalented, need some advice on this why
    Life consist of paying bills, and girls staying on the pill try
    To avoid pregnancy?, it’sa greart ordeal when snakes are
    Revealed it’s like an annual attraction cats wana act bizaare
    Like Samuel L. Jackson these fake and lame got snakes on
    Their plane, and cake for brains, look my girlfriend home
    And tight as the world spin I intend to write and ride on chrome
    Fakes seem to have a great esteem for whackness they need
    Extreme practice before trying to rap and be crying and crap
    On microphone it’s to the point of being disgusting overlapped
    With stupidity no true city to be founded here, heel I’m lost
    In a jungle time to toss a bundle of TARZAN rhymes at the holocost