Black Muslims : Risalah al Aqidah al Tariqah al Ansar

Neb Akhu Ra

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Sep 24, 2008
Part 1:

Al hamdulilah Rabbil Alamin was Salatu was Salamu ala Khairul Ibad Sayidana Muhammad ama ba’du-
With the restoration of the truth, al haqq, and the reinstatement of the divine plan for the world, it becomes necessary to lay down in a systematic way an overall theological statement of the ideas which are at the root of this divinely ordained path of salvation.
We, Al Ansar, believe:
1. In a transcendent, corporeal entity who is the maker and sovereign of all which exist whom we respectfully call Allah. We believe He exist above the seven heavens, that is outside of the Milky Way galaxy, and is there seated on a throne. He is alone in His lordship, and all acts of worship or obedience are solely for Him, and nothing compares to His similitude.
2. We believe this all powerful One, whom we call Allah, has created a being subordinate to him by which the various creations are united into a single form. This entity was created by way of invention, ibda, rather than successive causation. This entity is called Ash Shakhs Al Akbar-The Great Body and is somewhat analogous to the new age idea of the animus mundi. This body, Ash Shakhs, is composed of two parts, a material component and a spiritual one. Furthermore, the spiritual existence of Ash Shakhs is also composed of two types of entities-al malaikah, the angels, and ar Ruh, the Soul. Al malaikah, the angels, are those forces or intelligences which activate and control the natural forces. Ar Ruh is that which receives the command from Allah and causes al malaikah to submit to, and carry it out. Ar Ruh is a composite being composed of the sentient souls which when incarnated are called man.
3. We believe in angels, which we call malaikah. Malaikah comes from the root word malak meaning he had power or control over a thing. Al malaikah are thus those intelligences which control the natural forces. They possess no free will, and as such are totally obedient to al amr, the divine command. We do not believe in fallen angels.
4. We believe in the immortality of the soul. We believe the first creation of Allah was the souls, by means of which He perfected His creation. These souls were given mashiah, free will, and endowed with bounty from Allah. Some were made with a temperament toward negative and rebellion while some were made with a temperament toward positive and humility, depending on the element predominant in their nature. Those of a positive nature are called al insan, man, those of a negative nature are called al jinn.
5. We believe that man is soul. By soul we mean man is an nafs, personality, which is composed of an nasmah, the etheric body. This etheric body, an nafs, which makes every individual unique, is the vehicle for the manifestation of that universal reality known as Ar Ruh. As jasad, body, is to an nasma, etheric body, so is an nasma, etheric body, to Ar Ruh. The difference being that the connection between an nasma and ar Ruh is more lasting and eternal, while that of jasad, body, and an nasma, etheric body, is more fleeting and temporal.
6. We believe that the incarnation of the souls of men began when man, typified by Adam, began to show some potential, and more than that, some manifestation of submittal to the force of negative, typified as Iblis. Al this point man was cast from the heavens and placed in the earth. Thus began the battle between the souls of different nature-al insan and al jinn. Al jinn would try to prove man unworthy of the bounty which Allah had bestowed on him by making him submit to negative, whereas man is to destroy the power of negative, and make it submit to him as he submits to Allah.
7. We believe that when this occurred the souls of al insan, man, were sent down to earth, inhabiting the region of north east Africa, now known as Nubia all the way to the Nile Delta. This is the original homeland of man, the land of Eden.
8. We believe these man received a revelation from Allah on how to live their lives, and regain their lost position. This revelation is called in Al Qur’an Al Hikmah. This is the first scripture of Allah., and was used along with every other scripture sent to subsequent prophets.
9. We believe Al Hikmah to be the ancient wisdom texts of pre-dynastic, and early dynastic Kemet. This scripture is made up of The Pyramid Texts, Book of the Evolvings of Re, Book of the Cow of Heaven, The Legend of Heru pa Behdite, and The Legend of Ausar and Auset. These works are collectively referred to as Al Hikmah, which is a scriptural book only for those initiated into the private order.
10. We believe Allah has sent anbiya, Prophets, in succession. Nabi, prophet, comes from naba, meaning to announce. Prophets are thus messengers sent from the divine presence to announce happenings of the divine kingdom to the vassals thereof. A prophet receives his prophethood from a point of total immersion in the world of divine realities. As such he sees things in what is known as al alam al mithal, the world of similitude. In this world, which is the etheric or light world, things are portrayed by their nature rather than their physical form. As such, the scriptures of Allah are given in this world of similitude, alam ul mithal, and in the language of similitude, that is the language of symbols and types.

Neb Akhu Ra

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Sep 24, 2008
Part 2

11. We believe Allah revealed the Torah to Moses. In the revelation of the Torah, the human element predominated and not the divine element. Thus is the language and nature of the text more veiled and symbolic, only speaking in hints and clues, which makes the text less authoritative than those in which the divine element predominated.
12. We believe Allah revealed ad Dhabur, the Psalms, to David. We believe the Psalms is a book of invocations of penitence, praise, thanksgiving and asking, and plays a part in individual worship.
13. We believe Allah revealed the Gospel, Al Injil, Jesus. We believa al Injil to be the Book of Revelations, which is a prophecy of what was to happen to the Sons of Adam when they received the perfection of their covenant with Muhammad (saws) up to the restoration and set up of the divine kingdom.
14. We believe Allah revealed Al Qur’an to Muhammad (saws). We believe this is the final Revelation from Allah and that Muhammad (saws) is the final prophet. The revelation of Al Qur’an was such that the divine element predominated and Muhammad (saws) had nothing whatsoever to do with its content or style. As such it is the infallible, and immutable final testament of Allah.
15. We believe Israel to be a symbolic term as in Hebrew and Arabic it means Ascended to El. Thus Israel is the name of those Sons of Adam which in any time and place submit to the divine decree. At first the Sons of Jacob were the leaders chosen to carry this covenant. However with Muhammad (saws) the promise was extended to all of mankind through the Sons of Ishmael. They are the new symbolic mother-nation, ummah, of which all Adamites who accept al Haqq become a part.
16. We believe in scriptural typology. We believe that the stories of the Children of Israel revealed in al Qur’an aren’t just history, but prophetic utterances of what was to occur to the Children of Ishmael after they became the new Israel. We believe that this is the cause of Black American enslavement and subsequent history. We ae fulfilling prophetic types on our way to receiving the prophetic promise.
17. We believe in the life of the grave, hayah al qabri, and in the life of the hereafter, hayah al akhirah. We believe in the questioning, the arranging, the weighing, the crossing, the account and all of the other mentioned trials of death.
18. We believe that after death and the life of the grave, the souls of the righteous ascend and go to Jennah, or Paradise. In Jennah the souls of the righteous are of two ranks- Companions of the Right Hand and Those Brought Near. Each grade has rewards and bounties which correspond to it.
19. We believe that after death and the life of the grave the souls of the wicked go to Jahannam, or hell.
20. We believe further that after death and the life of the grave the souls of those who were neither good or bad are sent to a place of limbo known as al Ar’af.
21. We believe in the Day of Judgement, Yaum ud Din. We believe the Day of Judgement has three manifestations al ashar, al wasit and al kabir. Al asghar is the small and occurs at each person’s death. Al wasit is the median and has reference to national or syetmic judgement, and al kabir is the big and has reference to the universal dissolution.
22. We believe in the trials of the last Days. We believe that included in these trials are Al Masih ad Dajjal, Al Jassasah, and Yajuj wa Majuj. We believe in the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Vials.
23. We believe in living wholly and fully by the command of Allah. We believe in living by and for each other and in creating a cultural, spiritual and social paradigm which is all together different from the one which presently exist.
We ask Allah (swt) to accept this from us, to raise us True Ansaar, and count us among al mukhlasina. Ameen

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