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Apr 1, 2001

Note how my quote smoke when burning // concerning the rhyme game //
Blind fame a book exam got me shook **** need to slam answers on paper with aim //
Vapor came as I taper my fame like King Kong on a skyscraper I make my claim //
Intuition brought friction in this edition, untaught conviction sought after me non-stop //
Con a block join a flock of thugs like geese do in flight peace no fight when I drop //
Rhyme closure with exposure to the juice // produce toughening of lyrics //
Handcuffing spirits within range begin strange vibes like remains of beehives hear it? //
Poor decision therefore lead to collisions like aircrafts without radar cats be lost //
Stats be false like canned potaters don’t understand player haters wanna be boss //
Rhyme intrusive I’m an original exclusive individual bake a rhyme cake consists mainly //
Of flavor // twist behavior off the hook // look I’m shook list on my pager of crooks vainly //
Break brittle brain little by little // fiddle facts gradually reach the middle of the situation //
Master and control disaster unfold, after I roll a jade stole accolades spit grenades with creation //
Action without example no I need a satisfaction sample on this planet like Janet Jackson //
To integrate my thought indicate how hard I fought the retard caught hell love Toni Braxton //
Plan defective understand I’m protective and collective when it comes to flavor and taste //
Say what? You’re a player hater who gives a **** I drive a Navigator Truck kid you’re a waste //
I proceed every day to lead the way in rap music never yap and abuse it because I choose it //
And use it to my advantage to cause damage // manage the rap estate // dominate and never lose it //
I deny fakes apply brakes and skidded to a stop, kid it’s Hip Hop rolling like a tractor //
Explosive like a nuclear reactor on your block, stock with CD’S // please don’t let that be a factor //


Do you smell what Madd~Rapper is cookin? I can,Can You?
Man,you too much bro. I was chattin wit a bro online on bet and he's a rapper. He comin out wit a cd and still workin on it.Well,anyways I told the brotha to come and read yo stuff and he liked it! Ha ha ha ha. I said yeah his screen name is Madd~Rapper He was like oh I see it now! I was like lol. I told him you waz da bomb,he agreed. I was like this cat is phat! He be flowin fa dayz fa sho Boyee! He was like yea! I think he got a lil jealous though! Hee hee hee. He said he freestyles and he a MC. I was like aiight. Just check em out! I was so proud of you! Ya know you need to be comin out wit something. But then again,let me stop myself because you be done already workin on an album and not lettin nobody know or sumptin.Oh!,yeah,I was like and he from MD too! I just had to chuckle to myself for awhile. You be da bomb,son. You be on it,like white on rice fa sho. Don't stop keep,keep it up!LOl :rolling: :roll: :kiss: :heart:
Yours sincerely,
Desert Storm


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