Black Poetry : Rip It

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    Apr 1, 2001
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    Rip It

    Master forms with verbal disaster storms use
    Powerful tools after an hour of full rules reduce
    Words and actually shower fools in this learning process
    Progress earning success in this, smoke-burning cess concerning the best
    Lyricist and turning like birds in a nest churning like Sealtest
    Ice cream stress makes sacrifice extreme advice strike and heal mess
    Become an expert at work; slap a jerk with raps that perk
    A girl sits in my lap with a mini-skirt, criticize and destruct
    Fantasize become abrupt then duck be wise and not corrupt
    Simonize my truck with Kmart car polish goes far to demolish
    Scratches and matches up with Jaguars, surface scars are abolish
    Like Ford explorer desire chrome flip cars like tires from Firestone
    Rhymes rubber like dines right like Danny Glover lethal weapon on Microphone
    Evil in ten seconds rip a dome, carry weight and roll wild like
    Secretary of state Colin Powell, style with Prime Minister type
    Design sinister traps for evil gripe, like a cue ball, stew all on
    The table in the stall and stable call out cats like Gabriel strong
    Being an Archangel able to march like a ranger into battle alone
    Home watch and straddle wackiness like hurdles, it crawl
    Fact less like turtles, refrigerates beer and originates clear script yall
    Educates or fear can rip walls, eat crumbs and butter while the dumb
    Stutter exact be in the gutter with vicious acts of violence, some
    Attacks are never silenced scum, on the Six o’clock news, shows
    How the block fixed and ruled then schooled by pimps, fools and wimps
    Move the scum with attempts groove with seven kids like Shawn Kemp

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    Rip dat **** bruh!

    Cause I'm feelin you fo sho!!

    I dig da flo man!! I dig da flo!!:toast: