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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
as Eve stood in her backyard with a basket of dirty clothes at her feet

her mind kept wandering back to that love letter Howard sent to her that was so sweet

but still : it was impossible for them to meet

the timing wasn't right

her and her husband had just had a fight

everything had been going polite

[Eve took another sip of Diet Rite]

until he found out about our work night at the Hilton

last winter

it was just a business meeting

[grabs the basket of clothes]

i had no idea that two friends enjoying a cup of coffee could be considered cheating

but he keeps telling me that i'm not taking your central heating seriously

i guess i should, but our time together is usually so fleeting

[grabs the Tide]

that it's hard to believe our casual greetings

could change the tide of our seating arrangement

but after this estrangement

i'm starting to realize you supplied more than just eating





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