Black People : Right to development.

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    Now the question has been asked, "Should Black People leave America? The United States is considered one of the world's most developed nations and I know what people think about underdeveloped nations they can have less standard of living than the U.S. But with the dire statistics that African Americans face in this nation, discrimination in social, economic, cultural and political areas of life, do you think we are developing here? Are our communities developed? Are we enjoying the same quality of life that other Americans who live here also enjoy? Are we entitled to the same inalienable rights that others receive? If not then do you think we can wait another 400 years for this progress to occur? What do you think are the obstacles to our development as African Americans? Do you think its possible we can develop somewhere else? How much money would it take for us to develop? What kind of institutes we must form that will be vital to our development? Can we self finance our own development? Do think we need reparations to gain this development? Answer question that suits your mind set. Thank you.