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    i work at Elmwood Park Zoo and Chuck E Cheese and
    Atlanta and Philly
    It is very seldom that i can say that i feel
    comfortable anywhere, which is why i felt
    it necessary to express my appreciation
    for this website, its creators, and all of
    the family i have come to know and have
    had the pleasure of conversing with.
    I applaud what this website does and
    the plethora of knowledge that flows
    through each and everyday and it just
    makes me happy to know that when
    i come online i will with out a doubt be
    greeted by a family member whether i
    know them or not. EVEN though i am one
    of the younger members i do appreciate the
    fact that that does not hinder your responses
    to my poetry or anything i have to say in
    general, and let me tell you that is a gift
    that you couldnt possibly put a price on.
    So this is basically for everyone that has
    ever made me feel welcome and to anyone
    who has ever posted a reply to something ive
    written and to all those who have such big hearts
    and look past everything that seems to be such a
    big part of judgement in society. I just want to say
    that i am truely, deeply, and sincerely thankful for
    Destee and i feel right at home.​

    ~Sister 4g0tt3n_Canc3r
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    betwixt and between
    Awwwww Sister 4g0tt3n Canc3r ... you know i love you !!!! :love:

    You are so sweet, and it is such an honor that God blessed my life, with you!

    I believe so much in this community, and the Energy of Us, generated from it! It's amazing to witness it! We are blessed beyond compare! The most beautiful thing about it is, that it takes each and every one of us, to make it what it is! The Energy is transformed to something new, special, more powerful, with each and every single Member! I am so honored!

    It is even more of a blessing, to have our BABIES with us! :love:

    I know you've heard me say before, that you all could be anywhere on the Internet, doing anything, but you are here, with us! Sitting under, listening to, learning from, sharing with, teaching ... your Elders ... and i am honored to have this! You and all the young people, and all the Elders too ... shoot ... for that matter ... every single Member is evidence ... that the Creator and our Ancestors are with us, blessing this effort ... and i'm so glad you feel it all !!!! :D

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY US !!!!! :great: :great: :great:


    Thank you Sister for sharing such beautiful, kind, and thoughtful words.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Love You!