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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Just for fun and to see where your hearts at take the test of love :luvv:

Brothers and sisters alike see if you the lover or romanticly charm as you think
beware what you might reveal top score of perfection is 20 where do your number
stand on the handz of love .:em2200:

Learn more about your love life, and find out if you're truly happy in your relationship. Type your answers to the 10 questions below .

1. You want to visit your boyfriend/girlfriend. Two paths lead to your beloved's house: one is short, but it's plain and boring; the other path is much longer, but it has a stunning view. Which path would you take?

Type "short" or "long" __________________________________

2. On the way to your beloved's house, you find two rose bushes. One bears red roses, the other white. You decide to pick your boyfriend/girlfriend twenty roses. What number of white and red do you take?

Type in the number of red roses: _____________
Type in the number of white roses: ______________
3. You arrive at your beloved's house. His/her relative answers the door. Do you have the relative summon your beloved for you or do you seek him/her yourself?

Type "summon" or "seek"________________________

4. After you go to your boyfriend/girlfriend's room, you find that nobody is there. You decide to leave the roses. Do you leave them on the windowsill or on the bed?

Type "windowsill" or "bed"_________________________

5. Your beloved arrives and you spend the evening together. You decide to stay for the night, and you both sleep in different rooms. In the morning, you awake and go to his/her bedroom. When you arrive, is he/she awake or asleep?

Type "awake" or "asleep"________________________

6. It's time to go home. Do you take the short/plain path or the long/interesting path?

Type "short" or "long"___________________________

7. when do you call your beloved , mark an (X)

When you get home :_____
Later in the day :_____
Sometime in the night :_____

8.Night alone for dinner, what kind of meal would you choose...mark an (X)

Regular meal :_____
Candle light :_____
Sharing meals :_____

9. How well do we listen to our mate or lover, mark an (X)

Often but not enough :______
Too much :______
Intently :_____

10. Sizing the moment of your mate do you notice him/her in any change
what she/he is wearing that's different new ,old or colorful, mark an (X)


After the test I will reveal you answers and give you your number on your venture to perfection of love.:blowkiss:

1. i'm taking the short path, my girl is the stunning view

2. 20 roses all red

3. i seek, but if they don't know me i summon

4. you would like to put them in water, but i'll put them on the bed until they see them

5. she's awake

6. short man i got ish to do

7. later on in the day when i get home

8. i'm by myself? regular meal

9. intently

10. yes all the time


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