Black Jokes Humor : Rich Man vs. Poor Man

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    Ynot, let me tell ya a story
    Okay it was a black man a white man and a Chinese man
    The black man of course he was po' (yeah)
    The white man, he was rich (uh-huh)
    And the Chinese man, he owned a sto' (aight c'mon)
    Okay the black man lived on Beat Street
    The white man lived on Wall Street
    And at the Chinese man's store is where they all meet
    Not really on the good foot
    Cause the white man kept steppin' on the black man's toes (****!)
    And in his shoes there were holes
    But the white man didn't care, ****;
    He didn't have to wear it (uh-uh)
    The scratch that he had, he got from his parents
    With his tight ***, he woulda been poor white trash, but anyway
    Everyday the black man would ask him to spare change
    But at him, the white man would stare strange
    So the black man got fed up
    Cause wasn't nobody feedin' him and feedin' him
    And took red by his neck and started beatin' him and beatin' him
    The Chinese man got 'noid and broke out like a peon
    And now the black man own the store
    And the name of it is Leon's
    (...What's that?)
    Barbecue, that is! (Aaah...)
    Rib tips, hotsauce, mild sauce, fries, and chicken

    Nope, not mine... just a rhyme that was sublime and ahead of its time