Pan Africanism : Rich, Black, Flunking (Article)

Discussion in 'African American History Culture' started by twashing, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Yikes, this researcher says that on a cultural level, the attitude of Black families in an affluent Cleveland suburb nurture academic failure. Now, I still don't know enough about American socio-economics. I grew up in Toronto's Jamaican community, and some people didn't want to do well in school and other's did. I liked learning and understanding things, so I did quite well. What are people's opinions of this?

    Rich, Black, Flunking
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    I dont think its a matter of attitude of BLACK FAMILIES and their PROGENIES SOLELY.

    I just think its a matter of choice and the form of EXPRESSION it ALLOWS.

    I am sure not all the students of Shaker are high achievers themselves but the school district provides SUPPORT in terms of other areas a student may be more INCLINED to EXPRESS his ABILITIES. That helps keep the SCHOOL DISTRICT looking PRETTY.

    It seems like the BLACK STUDENTS have to be STRICTLY LAWYERS, DOCTORS, taking all those BORDER CRUCHING CURRICULUMS etc and not expressing their ARTISITC CREATIVE SIDE that many BLACK CHILDREN seemingly POSSESS. SO these BLACK CHILDREN see it in the MEDIA because their PARENTS and the SCHOOL DISTRICT dont see IT and because of their FAILURE from it INTRODUCES their STEREOTYPES and now they see themselves well the PARENTS as an embarassment to EVERYTHING UNDER the SUN there.

    On top of that you have RUTHLESS WHITE in the MIX and its a RECIPE for FAILURE. So my view of this MATTER is FARFETCH and most likely will be DISCOUNTED but what can I say except

    Oh well.

    I still see these students making up for this in COLLEGE so all is not LOST.