Black Poetry : RHYME I Have a bolder twist from my shoulder to my wrist

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    RHYME I Have a bolder twist from my shoulder to my wrist
    And boys wanna be holders of this they try kiss
    Me and stuff have rhythm in my organisms brisk
    Clever, hot and keen like lever on slot machines boys
    Boys pull me down try hit jackpot my act hot like toys
    They got a trick up their sleeve looking for a chick to squeeze
    So I be quick to leave when they ask for some, a cool breeze
    Massage the large wet hairs around it just make me sneeze
    Magic like inspecter gadget need to investigate this matter
    A boy’s **** can devastate a juicy coo-chee served on a platter
    And just scatter cum on sheets and yell honey bun you so sweet
    His **** a hardcore alarm can even use your forearm in defeat
    Trying to push him away oh he jest go crazy suck the blessed gravy
    Right out the nipples in the form of milk he jest storm the silk leaving a hazy
    Substance running down on the bed spread don’t have to be wise to realize
    He cum a lot of cream inside between your thighs girls be so surprised
    It happened that way, in bed combat you flock to a fat **** best rcognize
    A **** is like the long arm of the law it swarm without flaw like bees
    Anyway founded a great toy got a date with this boy went to the cafeteria
    And spent some superior time eating and talking my coo-chee hot like diphtheria
    Oh he jest wanted to rub and stroke lot of club folks was in here also
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    doing it again at da club ......