Black Poetry : Revolutionary Suicide

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Oppressed Revolution
    Mans House Of Bondage

    Hope have mercy,
    war within my own back yard,
    darkness that hides behind,
    the honor of code.
    Capitalistic dysfunctions in the name of Freedom,
    give me liberty are give me death,
    there is no loyalty within satins turf,
    who war do you fight, stripping you of your rights,
    Never again shall I be lynched,
    through the corners of my mind,
    In the name of Freedom,
    reverse psychology under satins authority,
    the land of the free, Listen to the signs,
    never close your eyes on thieves,
    Tactic’s Reverse Psychology divide an conquer.
    Man living in a card board box,
    living through the slave masters eyes,
    Blinded by justice, what side are you own,
    ideologies, self hate in the name of liberty,
    the devil never sleep, release the chains,
    of my feet, chains on my hand,
    who holds the key to your mind,
    self hate within your on family tree.
    Social workers that are not social,
    blacklisted, which line is your name,
    keep them nigg?? In there places,
    listen how they cry defeat.
    Jealousy and hate
    put that chips in there minds,

    The light will go off, if they compromise,
    separate the ignorance and delete the intelligence.
    Listen to the nigg-- As they cry,
    we shall be free.
    I am the ancestors daughter,
    don’t cry for me, the mask got them hypnotizes,
    Listen as they turn on one another,
    and how they glorify,
    accepting the lynching with pride,
    got the babies in captivity,
    mama and daddy don’t even want there own seeds,
    singing that we shall over come, they are crazy,
    Always crying no justice no peace.
    Wearing that Red Black and Green,
    Cutthroats to there own family tree,
    delete them smart-*** nigg?
    We don’t need them, it will only under mind,
    the psychology of the destruction of all black men.

    Children, Women, Men,
    targeted as they were in the jungle,
    of raging beast proclaiming,
    the source of peace which it stands.

    White outing truth,
    within the oh say can you see.
    Blessed is the eternal God.
    Advocate on Nations.
    Truth hidden in circles,
    deceiving the transformation of men.
    Mercy the human heart of man.
    Who lives in a vacuum of his own plans?

    Judge not your nation of people,
    within you serve;
    play not the fool who sits in waiting.
    Your damnations will be the lost of man.
    Love how mercy on the blind and the meek.

    Destructions at men own right hand.
    Wisdom who take counsel of the nations
    of the earth. Darkness shall be executed,
    within the nations of man,
    who tramples on Gods creations.

    Darkness behind justice, which it stands.
    Proclaim messages,
    I order to rise the source,
    of peace shall preside.
    I the source of my own right hand.
    Battle fields in my own back yard.

    How can man proceed,
    in the structure of conformity,
    when he lives as the beast,
    in his own back yard?
    How can man cry humanities,
    when he steals, kills, destroys,
    manipulates the nation,
    he swore to pledge to and up stand.

    The passiveness of man
    shall be his own defeat of his land.
    The darkness that lives within,
    his jurisdictions of the oh say can you see.

    The truth shall be unwrapped,
    by the only God,
    and satin children shall flee.
    Salvation be upon,
    the charity of Gods grace.
    Man slowly walking into the fire,
    no concern of his own fate.
    Dictated by the oppressor,
    which lives within his own back yard.
    Conflictions of the nation,
    Satins darkness to blind man.
    Charity how mercy love upon,
    thy back yard, has no mercy.

    Representation of a Revolution is now enforced.
    Economics dilemma capitalistic dysfunctions,
    racial hatred.
    Don’t need no praise from the Universe,
    don’t need no pat on the back.
    My skin is all colors of shades, which give
    A dam about justice, more segregation,
    White powder is not racist, the
    green is the Benjamin’s I enforce.
    My monuments taste of blood,
    there is no heritage that I employ,
    Fake as revolution I can’t cry no dam more.

    Living in the Projects Condominiums, a
    robot patrolling my establishments.
    The Universe had its chance,
    now watch me work.
    A cult that fears no man,
    black masses of cowardly reform,
    still pouring dirty water out the master’s door.
    How the hell you going to tell me reform,
    when you can’t say hello to your sister next door,
    mama baby daddy maybe,
    father running like a scared chicken,
    failure to pay his child support.

    I got a plan recognize tired of a revolution,
    that don’t exists,
    My solution may not fit,
    so jump back into the womb and play dead.
    A coward dies a thousand times,
    but a brave man dies once.

    There’s no respect for authorities,
    the thieves that pay my rent,
    undercover collaborators that wear,
    the same color as me.
    I am moving up the corporate ladder,
    thieves that have no conscious,
    Diamonds that says I wear the order of this land.

    I ride in my big limousine;
    I wear the blink, blink, upon my chest.
    I fight for unity of self.
    There is no apology for the trick analogy,
    that man refuse to play its role,
    I am not afraid to dye the price of freedom is death.
    I am the holder of the wipe,
    I sing no anthem song. You had the chance;
    so don’t cry of the image you clone.

    The blood the wars that stands before, the Oh Say Can You See. Darkness that reveals a smell of rotten death. The new world order has sold its self to satins demands. Come not with the cloak of forgiveness, when the trail of blood leads a path of the dead that can no longer speak for self. Cease no longer exists to the sons, to hear the instructions that caused to err, from the words of knowledge.
    Hate not thy words, respect thy truth, nations upon nations, and let’s rebuild the sanctuary, of Gods great gifts. Sing not the glory of the land, but the glory of thy God, forget not the creator, without him they would be no earth. Close not thy eyes within the deaf ear, for man is only here temporarily, and by the wink of the eye, they shall be no earth. Let not thy darkness confuse the light, the end is near, open thy eyes to truth, before it is too late.
    Within the battles we shall flow, ascending protections from thy God. Suffering shall no longer be, song as the national anthem song. Thy God shall be in the front line; the seas shall link with thy God. The Universe will sing the same song, As the waters turn to blood, and the skies to fire, un just man shall pay within the battles of the skies. Decade extensions of a new world order of a culture. The sins of the family tree that is implemented through birth.
    The psychological lynching continues, through the neglect of a people who feels, if it dose not effect me, than it is not my curse. Blood dripped from my brothers mouth, Scars that lye within the palms of his hands, I shall not die, I will return until my mission is complete. The curse that plagues a nation, of people through there genes, No protection from the system who sings, abuse for the world to see. Genocide within our own right hands. Leaders who don’t know how to lead. Such a sad and embarrassment for mothers.
    Who brings the back doors of a master, who hides behind the system, and a people who just don’t give a dam. Walking zombies who refuse, to protect the children that they bring in the world. Is it the protectors? is it the people ,who allows the system to destroy the babies, without a fight are feeling of human order, in a world which is blind to only there needs. A house divided shall never stand. It will begin to smell like rotten death. Eyes that close to the needs of our children.
    Prison disused as human kindness, a death chamber of disgrace. Continue to write, allow the people to no, that suicide is abomination to God, when one kills self. The hearing ear, and the seeing eyes, the lord have given both of them; Open thy eyes before satin claims victory on thy flock. It’s not the greater or less, but the abundance of a divine heart, let not the history be told, the world has destroyed self. Within the history the world smelled of roses, and the rivers innocence of great love, this world order has befoul the smell, of a great world.

    I pledge allegiance to the destruction,
    of satins plan,
    I cry the blood for which it stands.
    Salvation is upon the land of man.
    The source of peace
    was written in Jesus Blood.
    How can there be a revolution when there is no
    Warriors for which it stands, all the soldiers
    That had the plan, left the blue print in my hand.
    The man who rides upon my space with the long black
    Hearse as the niggs—jump in.

    Copywriter 2002
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    BUSINESS owner
    dis was heavy deep and well felt
    made me stand up from rhe man's suicide revolutionary maze
    flow head sis................................................................
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    Being told we're inferior for so long, that inwardly we begin to believe it. No need for others to kill us, if we're doing it ourselves. Putting it out there for all to read and ponder, keep flowing.

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Delete man believe in God, we live under satin authority. when we put our faith totally in God, satin has no win, there is only one God, God whispered in our ears.
    Nevertheless we
    forgot, I am you and you are me, all that comes in love shall inherit the earth, thy shall have no God before me said thy God,
    the devil can conquer nothing in the name of love, together we stand divided we fall, believe in the creator he will walk you accross, when we take our eyes off God, satin controls God has already written it in stone.​