Chief Elder Osiris : Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What's It All About"

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    Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What's It All About"

    By Chief Elder

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    To All Who Share The Divine Truth On This Internet, Keep Sharing Such A High Quality Of Information, Maybe, Just Maybe, Somebody Out There Black, Will Hear You.

    Revolutions are first Mental and if need be then physical, most Time it require both to obtain your freedom.


    Revolution is an act of revolt, and to be revolting is an act to generate change of that which you are not in agreement with.

    To stage a revolution it require a singleness of mind of a group with the same goal and objective in mind, and such a group has agreed on the method of engagement that will represent the revolution.

    A revolution reveal a certain anger and hatred against a system of governing or institutions that suppresses, , persecute, and oppress the people who are the target of such evil and unjust action toward them, leaving the people suffering from such disrespect, to the point that they have no alternative but to revolt against that which prevents their lives from enjoying Freedom, independence, Justice, and a sovereign of life.

    Under such evil conditions the people who are victims of such treatment has no alternative but to revolt or to remain mentally connected to such disrespectful conduct coming from those institutions of Authority that is implementing such evil action toward the people being victimized by such evil action, and any action that prevent a people from being free, is an evil action that is worthy to a revolt by the people, against those institutions which are the breeders of injustice.

    Why It’s Necessary To Revolt?

    A revolution is necessary to maintain the people who see the need to be revolting, their desire to be treated justly and so that they can maintain their sanity and self-respect.

    The people doing the revolting do not determine when it is necessary for a revolution, it is the conditions that do not agree with the showing that the people are worthy to be shown respect and justice is available to all, and when such principles of life is not given to be honored by the institutions of governing, then the people who Mind is sane, see it to be necessary to revolt against the action of injustice shown against them.

    When the Time come, and such a Time is when the people no longer function in their lives with dignity and freedom, such is being held away from the people by rule of law that is not justice for all, then not only does it become necessary for the people to revolt, it become a Divine Right for the people to revolt.

    Being revolting against anything or anyone that is showing no respect of justice that is to be enjoyed by all of the people that the institutions have the authority to serve, but is providing a disservice, it is that treatment which amount to unequal treatment to certain stratum of people who are living under those institutions guidance, the people of such a stratum has the obligation to themselves to revolt against such evil display of injustice.

    Why Is It Possible To Revolt Against Injustice?

    It is possible to stage a revolution when the people are no longer considered worthy to be shown respect.

    So only when a people who are being shown disrespect by the institution that is allowed to govern, by the people, and such institution fail to meet its obligation to all of the people, and the Mind of the people is of such that it has respect for the Body life self, and know that the institutions are to provide service of social, economic, education, political, and military protection to all of the people who are under such an institution authority, and fail to do so, then a revolution is possible.

    Also,when such a government institution fail to carry out those duties for the people protection, which must be for all of the people without prejudice, then the obligation come forth for a revolution..

    Well, should the institutions become an enemy to the people it is established to serve and protect, and their obligation is to the people, to govern and be fair and just to all of the people, when the government institutions fail in their committed obligation, then such a people predicament makes it possible for a people revolution, the people seeking change from the action of such arrogant injustice by the authority of the institution.

    Only when the people live with self respect and know who they are, and know that they are prevented from enjoying the best service available to all that live under the authority of the institution that the people allow to govern and protect their lives, there become a possibility for a people revolt.

    Then such an institution obligation has reached a fail state to show such respect to its people, then it become a possibility of the people organizing themselves for purpose to stage a revolution for Divine Change, a Change that will be honorable to all of the people involved.

    People who are victims of a system of authority that is evil and unjust toward the people of that system, and the laws that are pertaining to that system is not providing justice for all of the people, then it become possible that the people might revolt against such an evil system, depending upon the quality of Mind of the people being disrespected by such a system.

    When the Laws Of The Government That Is Of The People, Fail To Govern The People Respectfully, Then The People Have An Obligation To Themselves, To Revolt.

    What Is It All About?

    Well It is about acknowledging that the people, all of the people, have a Divine Right to experience life on their own terms and nobody else terms, and when the people are treated Justly and do enjoy freedom and independence, then that is what Life desire is all about.

    So when such a life lives free, then there is no need for a Revolution, but when not, then it is Time for such a people that are not free, to revolt.

    That Is what it Is all About, Life Uninhibited Freedom.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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