Chief Elder Osiris : Revolution Is Never Spontaneous, They Are Instigated

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    Revolution Is Never Spontaneous, They are Instigated.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Any Beings regardless of its status, form, and use of intelligence, that travel in pack or congregate together to form a sociological community system movement, and has an interaction with each other, nature has provided that such a social order, is in need of leadership.

    The only entity that act spontaneous is Nature individual action, and Nature of that kind, is a verification of the Divine Essence. (GOD)

    So, what is happening in the world at this Time, and what is the cause for the up rising spreading around the world by Human Beings.

    By now you should know that I draw a distinction between the Human Being and Divine Beings.

    Racial injustice, is just cause for a Revolution, not for attempting to gain political social control over the people, but for demanding that Justice and Universal Rights are entitle to Black people as well.

    Today, Black people do not enjoy justice, and it is the Divine Being that is naturally entitle to have Universal Rights extended to us Black people.

    The Human Being today, has gotten Black people to believe that our oppression and repression which we have enforced against us, is not real, we been made to believe that it is a figment of our imagination.

    So, you have some Black people who believe that the problem we imagine we have in the world, is not based upon Race, because in actuality, Black people have no problem in the world, we are free, that is what we have been made to believe about ourselves.

    It is that caliber of belief, which come from Black people, that give Lucifer complete control over our Black so call Afrikan lives, and has Lucifer with confidence that he has succeeded in making Black people not to be a threat in any way against his plan that he has for the world, which is to instigate unrest across the earth globe, which benefit his plan of intent to rearrange the world sociological structure.

    Such is referred to as creating a New world Order, absent of Black people having any meaning and purpose of necessity, in the New World order.

    The prophet has made reference to this Time, and Black people associate prophets as being agents of God, yes, Religion God, because religious prophets are the most dangerous people on this Planet Earth.

    There is no God that has a special choice among people on this Earth, there is no God that speak as you and I, there is no God that hand out blessing based upon how well you serve that religious God, there is no God that require for you to offer up prayer to "HIM", and there is no God that cause you to have hardship in life, for being disobedient to "HIM".

    So Beloved, those who make claim that the prophet has warned and saw this Time to come that you now see is happening in the world, the prophet is the danger to the world, because it is the prophet who is the instigator, liar and deceiver in the presence of the Divine essence, the prophet causing the unrest he make claim to see before it happen, because the prophet plan is to make it happen, over the course of Time.

    The prophet see of what is to happen socially, economically, educational, politically, and religiously, because it is the prophet that make plan in advance to cause what is prophesied to happen in the world later.

    So, all human Being revolutions have been planned and is caused not spontaneously, but from instigation, arousing the public to act against what the instigator has caused to be the problem to the lives of the people.

    I share Divine information with you of such a magnitude that you have not the quality of mind to understand.

    So, when I share with you Black people that you are the catalyst that is qualified to cause an arrest to come to this evil world acts of injustice, you have not the mind that will allow you to see you, as you Divinely are.

    So, you doubt you, and you ignore that which is Divinely True about you, when you are your Divine self, which Lucifer work day and night to prevent you from becoming again.

    But the Black Human Being will continue to remain ignorant of the Divine self, which was the Being that first came to this solar system.

    Human Beings revolution is of such a turmoil that cause confusion and not order, and serve the selfish wants of Lucifer.

    Unless there is a revolution Chaos to be caused by the Divine Being, you being those people who are naturally Divine and is of the same appearance of the Infinite space Darkness, Divinely in its existence, there will not be order to come to this world.

    Black people been made to live in a world that is full of lies and deception, so we have come to believe that in this evil world, Race Does Not Matter, when the facts about our oppression tell us Black people different.

    The up rising you now are looking at is all instigated by those who have gained control of the world over the Human Beings mind.

    So, you now act on demand by Lucifer the Human Being, and the demand to Back people, is to keep your oppressed behind still, like the parasite you have been made to be, as Black Afrikan Human Beings.

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved.

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