African American History Culture : Revival of Nile Valley Culture in the Black Community (reboot)

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    Peace. I am going to list the modern groups domestic and international
    that are at the forefronts of this revival, and then people add
    on about their positive, negative, or otherwise experience with
    each group.

    Here is my current list of secular, academic, and "religious" groups
    and organizations advocating Nile Valley culture, both domestic and
    international. If you feel I have left one out, add on.

    Divine Ruler Equality Allah
    The Nation of Gods and Earths

    Updated 12.29.08

    Ancient Egyptian Arabic Nobles of the Mystic Shrine PHA (founded 1893)

    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC (1906)

    Hamitic League of the World (1917)
    founder George Wells Parker

    Fahamme Temple (founded 1919)

    Thmei Research / El Saturn Research with Sun Ra and dem
    (founded between 1950 - 1956, inc 1956)

    Smaa Tawi - Shrine of Ptah (founded 1970)

    Ausar Auset Society International (founded 1973)

    Karnak House / Intef Institute in the UK (1975)
    Director: Saba Sakaana

    The Blacqendian Royal Coop Association (Egyptology "RasTafarians" ...) (1976)
    Formerly the Annu Biological Living Center

    Kemetic Institute - Jacob Carruthers (1978)

    Kemetik Shrine of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu with Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka N Heru Hassan Kamau Salim, the Kupigana Ngumi martial arts guy (founded 1979)

    World of the Tammerian Institute (1979)

    White and Gold Lotus, Shrine of Amen Ra (Founded 1981)
    Heri Khafra

    Tony Browder and the Institute of Karmic Guidance (1981)

    Kemetic Yoga Organization - Yirser Ra Hotep student of Dr. Asar Ra Hapi (1981)

    Kemet Nu - Ashra Kwesi (1982)

    Afrikania Mission of Amen Ra (1982)

    ASCAC - Association Study Classical "African" Civilizations (1984)
    (i.e. primary Hpy/Nile Valley Civilization)

    University of Kemetian Sciences (Dr. Phil Valentine and dem) / Temple of Healing (1984)
    aka Senu Akhu Ra Imhotep El

    Wo'se Church of the Sacred African Way: The House of Amen Ra (Oakland) (1986)

    Kemetic Benu Order (1987)

    Het Neter Ankh (1988)

    KMT Asen INC (1988)
    founded 1988 @ Morehouse College (collegiate fraternity)

    Sacred Shrine of Mwt Ast (1988)

    Per Ankh - Neb Ka Ra (1989)

    MDW-NTR Study Group (Detroit) (1990)

    Organization of Global Kemetic Intelligence (OGKI) (1990)
    Maaxeru Tep
    author of "Ma'at Kemtic Soulism"

    Cheikh Anta Diop Institute with Ankh Mi Ra (1987, Ankh Mi Ra in 1992)

    Shrine of Khpra (1992)
    Grandmaster Kham oasis_at_sunrise_with_grandmaste...

    Association Khepera (France and in french language) (1992)
    Theophile Obenga

    Kemetic / Ausarian Tantra Yoga Institute (1992) - Ausar Kwesi Karamoko

    KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science w/ Rev. Meri Ka Ra (1992)

    Sema Institute (founded 1994)
    Dr. Muata Ashby aka Sebai Maa (for prison outreach, new)

    Shrine of Jehuti (Founded 1995)
    Sister/Dr. Rkhty Amen Jhuty

    Shrine of Mut Em Uaa Amun Khonsu Heru (1995)

    M'Tam Earth Center (1996)

    Sons of Ra Ministries (1996)
    w/ Heru Jehuti Bey Sa-Ra

    Amen Ra Theological Seminary (1996)

    Temple of Anu (1996)

    Odwirafo - Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi mu (1997)

    Ancient Egiptian Order - "Nuwaubians" (founded 1997 for AEO, and 1967
    for original Ansar Pure Sufi org)
    (1980's pre Nubian Hebrew Islamic Mission rhetoric)

    Shrine of Ma'at - Myra Ashera El (1997)

    "Ma'at" Afrikan Village (St. Louis, MO) (1998)
    Dr. Ray Hagins aka Sa Ra Ankhotep Maakheru Setep En Ra

    Aakhet Center For Human Development (1998)
    SN (Dr.) Baba Khepera Ka Ra Kamau Dennard
    SN-T (Dr.) Sharon Renee Ames-Dennard

    Shemsu Heru INC and Shemsu Ast (Collegiate fraternity and sorority) (1998)
    founded 1998
    Hilltop article 01
    Hilltop article 02

    Aasb of Alpha Khen Omega (1999)

    Ancient Noble Ausar Moorish Masonic Temple (2000)

    The Academy of Kamitic Education Right Relationship Right
    Knowledge, Maat (2000)
    Founder Terri Nelson / aka Nteri Renenet Elson

    Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata (2000)

    Kra Mut Ankh - Temple of the Mother of Life (2003)

    The Kemetic Yoga Association (2004) - Khepera Ankh

    Order of Kush International Honors Society (2004)

    Tribu Ka / Tribe Ka with Seba Kemi (France and in french language) (2004)

    Ta Nefer Ankh (2004)

    Nehast Society (2005)

    HTTPW Network, Inter-Neterian Scribes (2006)
    founded by Heru Alkebu-lan

    The University of KMT (Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro) (2007)

    The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at (2008)

    Khepera Society (2008)

    Alchemy of Life Ministries (2008)
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    Good stuff right here in case you missed it. :fyi:
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    That's a helluva lot of organizations. Thanks.