Black Poetry : revisiting the past

stained with berry juice my plush lips race
to taste the sun on your face
the horizon cooling in your eyes
full of butterflies and dragonflies
viewing you at the peak of my desire
your smile radiant as the color of fire
sweaty nestled in a thicket of thistles
begin to kiss as a westward wind whistles
drums language being spoken in the distance
discussing different bodies of water resilience
You Know I'm Loving Yo Flow... hearts
just as the hazy overcast sky begins to fade
under our thatched roof babies are being made
clear the understanding in both our eyes dance
outside twigs snap under the weight of a gazelle’s prance
while it stares at the simple falling of a leaf
riding on the wind our gentle moans of release
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on She throne legs crossed
sitting like a queen and royal boss
moonlight shimmers down my dress
jesters trying their best to impress
King say, My Queen’s demeanor is hot
so beautiful on her throne stirring her soup pot
gonna dismiss the court time to escort
my lady to the bedroom and let our passion loom
while fresh rosebuds in the vase bloom
my touch becomes the guardian of her body
relaxing her moans my stroke strong not shoddy
our love making melody crescendos so sweet
the night sky lavender and in heat
when light was created
you were standing there by the water
stance wide arms outstretched shoulders broader
a song about need accompany’s your tears
out from inside the first shadow She appears
footsteps towards you fertile with desire
reaching out for you the loneliness expires
cupping your face in my hands
the freshness of your kiss i begin to taste
you wrap your arms tighter around my waist
together now conscious of what we know to be true
for all eternity you will search for me and i for you
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