Black Poetry : revisiting the past


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
miss the halcyon days of one former life
dwelling by the river a god king and goddess wife
eating dates roasted over an open fire
while quoting verbs that connote desire
intentions and faces warmed by the flame
biting on your left ear then whispering your name
dark bodies intertwined hot in a vibe
doing our part to connect and extend our tribe
the word love isn’t even a thing
just comforting peace and the things it bring
the moon smiles exactly at a quarter to eleven
after receiving a direct message from heaven
to shine a beam of light on our domicile
as we snuggle sleep and smile
the dry season in the past
the garden greening at last
berries and other fruits flourish
along with vegetation to nourish
and sustain while fishing stationed on the bank
kissing holding hands and giving thanks
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tonight i walk barefoot down a path that is true
following a firefly’s light that leads me to you
your natural scent erotic the look in your eyes hypnotic
desires stretched long and taunt within our limbs
oneness tethers the soul between me and My Him
the sun coming up over the hill
as harmony enters at its own will
water splashing over rocks
bodies surf the horizon as destiny knocks
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sitting on a rock wall entralled
watching My Him kneel under a waterfall
doves fly his way when he begins to pray
nature listens intently to his verse
as it speaks softly to the universe
messages encrpyted in God’s code
soul delivers lyrics as they unfold
finding my heart through my ears
while i reach out through the tears
watching in the park
fallen leaves walk in the dark
alongside My Him footsteps
as the wind plays with his biceps
all the light of the world emanates from your eyes
you jaunting with long even strides
in a rush to place a rose beside
my hand right before you hold me to dance
you whistling a few sweet bars
as rustling leaves sing to the stars
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