Reversing The Willie Lynch Theory

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    Reversing The Willie Lynch Theory

    What a child learns from the age of infancy;
    and five years olds sets the patterns
    For their lives, never under estimate the
    thought patterns of your children.
    Working in the field of education for 20 years,
    you will be surprise how
    Children learn the formation of manipulation.
    With the thought process
    And the living surroundings of the young,
    they formulate the patterns
    Of their parents. To reverse the syndromes
    of Willie Lynch the process
    Of reconstruction must begin with intellect,
    routine, principals, spirituality,
    Censorship, accountability, dignity, self pride, responsibility,
    reading, problem solving; Involvement
    in the home; responsibility at
    And early age, censoring labels, censorship
    of what your children watch on television.

    If a child can repeat all the lyrics
    of gangster rap, and follow up
    On all the vaguer dances that they
    learn from hip hop, why is it impossible
    for them to read a book? a book the wisdom
    to the soul;
    if he can’t read,
    let the child read the pictures to you ina book,
    and asked him what did he learn from the book,
    it is formulating a pattern of thought,
    and the mind continues to
    seek for more information, that will enhance
    his concepts of what he see, and what he thinks,
    and continue to teach him three words a day,
    with association that he can begin to understand
    what he are she have read.

    The 5 principals that children must master
    before the learning process
    Takes place, classification, spatial relations,
    serrations, conjunctives, motor skills,
    assessments, sets, math, science;
    “Serration” children will be able to sort
    out problem solving; vocabulary; word association
    and classification, and the five senses;

    “Classification” the term; children will be able to identify
    the objectives in their lives, to know harm,
    creativeness, reading skills, to break down
    and give it a complete thought, instructed
    by the parents, they will also be able to
    acknowledge, the term
    Spatial relations, what comes first,
    what comes second and so own.

    The next will be serrations, before and
    after to identify the pro’s and cons of life.
    Leaders not followers, Sets to determine the
    assimilations in life.

    Strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge,
    success, responsibility.
    This is a short lesson plan in how to formulate
    the mind of the young.
    There are many objectives to create strong
    minds, parents must seek
    Information on how children think;
    these or the basic keys
    formatting the mind of the young,
    one cannot master the concept of knowledge;
    Until he learn the methodology in how to learn.

    Many teachers refuse to take
    time to explain to parents the formulation
    in building strong minds.
    This is why our children fail in the
    education system today.

    Special education is set up in the black
    educational process so black children
    Will fail, this is why the drop out system
    is so high, children never learn
    the process of how to learn, for every
    child with learning disabilities;
    the school receives a grant. Brother’s
    and Sisters be aware of who
    Is teaching your children. Education starts
    at home, do you know how
    many members of the Willie lynch groups
    are planted in your children’s classroom.

    Never trust people with the mind of the young,
    that’s anyone a mind is a terrible
    Legacy to waste.

    3rd Step
    To encourage the creativity in your children,
    to teach responsibility, to set a pattern
    In the every day structure of their lives,
    to set rules and regulations, the foundation
    that will structure the concepts and objectives
    in how one thinks, to censor any violence,
    are detrimental information that they receive,
    protecting the mind from any negativity
    energies, negativity breeds negativity.
    If censorship dose not start at a young age.
    The damage will be too deep implanted to erase.
    Never close your eyes to truth, my brothers
    and sisters to master
    The concepts of love, one must teach
    by example. To teach security
    In young as well as old, one must have compassion.
    There is no such thing as a bad child,
    what they see is what they learn.

    To teach children the history of their pass;
    beware of the negativity, embrace them
    with strength of a people as well as
    the weakness, and what, how, when,
    because, and how; to make a change
    in what they have learned; behind the
    causes and effects. Implementing the concept
    of serration; problem solving; the solution
    in how it might have made a change if other
    methods are optional, if they used a better solution;

    Parents are the mother, the father, the church;
    Delete the tactic of slavery, never teach a child
    that someone have
    more power than their own thoughts,
    break it down one by one.
    Teach them that their body and minds
    are sacred, continue to teach how
    Valuable their souls are, never fight
    around your children, never curse,
    Control the tempers, what they see is what they become.

    Any information that comes to your children
    make sure you de program at once; if you
    Feel it may be detrimental, protecting the
    mind will result in great Kings are Queens.
    Wisdom should always be the Webster dictionary of life.
    Teach by example if you tell the child
    to do one thing, and you do another;
    The child will loose respect for your values
    and beliefs, children adopt the personalities
    Of their parents. When a child becomes dis orderly
    stop it, because they are young
    It is not cute, one must understand there
    is two kinds of love; one from the heart;
    and destructive enabling a child to do wrong.

    Listen to your children; never be the parent
    who calls his children, dumb, stupid, *** holes,
    Bit—your children will be calling you
    the same thing. If you teach love, your children
    will show love. Children learn by example.

    To take a man who refuse to lead.
    Planting the seed that he is less than a man.
    To reverse the syndromes of this concept,
    you must teach your son’s that they are
    great leaders, there are many great black men;
    educated and successful, and strong,
    who refuse to enter in too a toxic relationship,
    brotha’s who have contributed so much
    to the black community, but understanding
    the hype, the tactics; which is used there
    is know good black men are women, this
    is another tactics of the Willie Lynch theory;
    their are many who have broken this concept,
    but many who hold on too the theory to cover up;
    their own spineless attempts of success through education.

    My brothers do you know that 87percent of Black
    women and Latin women are College graduates
    with B.S. Degrees, and a high percentage of Black men
    are right behind them; It is what you teach your children;
    The toxin that flows through the
    blood this is in reference in teaching our children
    that they cannot succeed in life,
    because the masters will not allow it.
    Being obedient to a devil; who has know hold;
    on what you say, and what you think.

    The ideologies of being a man and women is hard to over come.
    Only by instructions he can view self.
    The deactivation comes within the family tree.
    The reverse syndromes becomes the hatred
    of his own seeds. Hating the liberties
    that he feels has been generated by the instructor,
    Who gives liberties to the spouse are the lover.
    Another concept of Willie Lynch.
    Question how can this be broken.
    Loving self and family. Reversing all the tactics is written
    And reverting back to wisdom.

    Censorship is so deeply inbreeded with our people
    If you speak the truth, the lynch mobs comes;
    To censor knowledge; and his excuse is the writer
    Is trying to create confusion, brothers and sisters
    What ever control your mind control your destiny.
    Deleting the poisons and creating positive energies.

    The plan is laid out, the wisdom to revert the positive
    Instruction of a people, is left up to man, not women
    Because she is living in a cloud, her head is so far up her
    As- she can only see the dark.

    Censorship of truth as well as God words,
    Are the devils who hide behind their own
    Like of understanding, to censor truth.

    Implanting the hatred within her own family tree,
    there would be no sense of identity,
    repression that sets the stimulation to incubate
    breaded embolisms cloned to another
    generation of slaves. Know the women,
    the girl, the whore, and the wife.
    Jealousy and hate the slaughter of Jesus
    the breath of horror, the holocaust of a
    dead mind. Who has no power other than
    him self who cannot control his own mind.

    The male child which is a bandit by the father,
    The cautious denial of his own family tree.
    Brotha’s step up to the table and teach your sons
    What it Is to be a man, forget about your personnel problems,
    Think about the child who will be the root to your family tree.
    To plant a seed is not just a seed, but a gift
    of God, to create nations
    In honor of your name.

    The issue is not color for all man feel the pain.
    The execution of family the seminary of the history
    Of the child who is rejected by the image that he represents.
    The execution of the mother who follows in the realms
    Of the setting of a dysfunctional anti social
    Monetary disk that is planted within the mind.
    The curse that’s passed on to another generation
    the walking dead, ****** syndromes the words
    that gives a happy thought, education that is
    decline ignorance embraced without a thought.

    Divide and conquer lived by the servants
    Within its own circle of thought.
    Censorship survival has no response.
    Implanting death within the womb the pain
    Of the embryo that is kill through the veins
    Genocide partaken without conscious
    Instant death implanted killer of self.
    Concentration camp for the un wanted
    Children without futures are families.
    Death to the young.

    Open lynching the black man with the mask.
    Colors that are worn within territory that one
    must not cross. The trail of rebels that drive
    by through the night, killing the colors and
    the open lynching at any course.
    Revolutions sealed in a book.
    Children of the dark preach
    Beyond the back door.
    The deletion of a family culture.
    Slave blocks with women naked.
    Characters without pride.
    Honor no longer stands.
    Churches of satins tribe.
    The breeding of a dead slave,
    The living dead that breeds on.
    Of the genes.

    Within the cloak of a disease that has no cure.
    The assumptions of leadership without the wisdom
    of humanity to delete the proclamation of a free mind.
    The darkness that set forth another
    generations of destruction.

    The state of mind that continues to repeat the same
    mistakes. Breeding an cloning poisons of thoughts.
    The enforcements of memory that has
    explored each time, hating self reverse
    the light retrieves a thought.
    The mind goes into delete the thought of unity.
    Sets of an explosion the light continues to go out.
    I am greater than thee.
    within the illuminations of bonding .

    Man that lives upon the cage, the destruction of a culture,
    Who rather live within a 8/11 cell, the continuation
    of legacy that refuse to break the chains of captivity.
    The inclination of a man set that refuse to love self.
    The bomb has now explored there is no activation are
    de activations the toxins that eats at the mind
    Of a want be slave. The assumptions of the cage
    Bird that no longer sings.​

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    The Diaspora
    Excellent post Ashanta...thank you!

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Blessings my king you are welcome.

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    Educating the Diaspora
    Thanks for sharing this piece. I like it so much i had to dig it up.
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    I am starting to believe that the only way this can be "reversed" is by having SEPERATE Educational institutions for boys and girls. Do away with Co-Ed-You-cation.

    Kinda follow a model similar to ancient SPARTA.

    Im sure that will sound crazy to some but it takes a PANTHA to raise a PANTHA.

    These days, we got too many kittens.

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    you are so right my brother waiting for some of our brothers and sisters to take a stand, it is so simple but many of us sit back and wait for others to give the hand out, a man will always be a slave as long as he have to work under someone else, spread the word.
  7. OmowaleX

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    Yes, sister ASHANTA, much wisdom in Truth that you speak always.

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    To bring strength and a calming influence,and to s
    The Ville
    This is a classic!:thanks:

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Thank you for your comments much love.
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    Beyond my own understanding

    It is late and I am not able to read this all tonight so I am bumping this thread so that I can come back to it. Thanks for the info Bro. !!!

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