Black Poetry : Revelations- Repost

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Images of you cloud my mind
    Since we met that first time
    Never known anyone to affect me
    Such as the one called queen
    Thoughts racing
    Heart aching
    Lost in confusion
    Or is it just an illusion
    Stole the key to my heart
    Now I’m wishing you to be a part
    Not for a moment but forever and a day
    Not for here and now but for always
    Drain the love from me
    Drink it up thirstily
    Are you even aware of what you have done?
    Are you aware that you have captured Love’s favorite son?
    In the midst of all
    Even I sometimes fall
    Headfirst into Love’s abyss
    When I think of your passionate kiss
    Am I affecting you as you do me?
    Or is this just my fantasy
    This situation sparks a battle in my mind
    One that I may wrestle with until the end of time
    Your majesty may I have your hand
    Swing you into my arms begin a love dance
    Can I make love to you like you deserve?
    Can I be your servant to love and to serve?
    Attraction we dare not deny
    But is it meant to be, is it our time?
    Yet time and destiny will not permit
    What my heart tells me can result from this
    That is for the fates to decide
    In their hands our destiny resides
    Yet the answer I already know
    As I reach down and pick up my heart from the floor
    Wondering in the back of my mind
    Were the strings of your heart plucked, as were mine?