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    Rev chapter 6 & 8

    John was given the name to the writer of Revelations because he was commissioned to do it after being captured by Titus and warfare. John comrade Simon Peter would be taken to Rome and publicly executed (see John 21:15-25).This same John was captured in a Tomb (Luke 8:26-34) its called a cavern/cave in War of Jews Book 6 chapter 9.4. John fate now was to first publish in writings in Decapolis (Mark 5:1-20) and later in in Rome and other places like Patmos (Rev 1:9-10). We know we are dealing with the same John beacuse many of these captured rebels in the subterranerous caverns/toms were stone cutters (WOJ Book 7 cahapter 2) satired as Cutting themselves with stones (Mark 5:5).This John was also cure of his Demon/wicked infecting his legions of pigs/men/beast at Gadara/Gerasenes riverside WOJ 4, 7.389-437/Mark 5: 1-20). So we are working with three parallels events crossing Josephus WOJ and the Gospels.

    The vision that John experienced when he looked into the throne room of the "lord/God" was not of the future, but of the past. What he experienced was a vision of the history of the deified Caesars and their Imperial Cult that led to Christianity. This will become crystal clear in the analysis of the "Five Angels" in Rev chapter 8. The fact that John's vision was of the past makes a number of the heretofore difficult to understand aspects of Revelation virtually self-evident. For example, when seen from this perspective, the description of the beast gathering his armies at "Armageddon" is obviously a depiction of Titus gathering his armies at "Megiddo"-Hebrew for Armageddon-before he assaulted Jerusalem in 70AD.

    For example: The five Angels were given the Title "Divus" by the Roman Senate:, Julius, Augustus, Claudius, Vespasian and Titus.When Domitian died in 96AD so did the book of Revelations because he was the book's main driving character.

    Revelations hall mark, signature themes is the end of the world starting with "Armageddon" which is proven to already happened. We need not fear 666 Titus who died in 81AD. We might have to beaware of those who want to continue the legacy of 666 but not dead Titus. We have more to worry about a metorite hiting planet earth than the description of the end of the world in Revelations. A book clearly in the past that has no future.