Black Authors : Revelations of a Sexual Healing Book Available Now!!

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    Hello all my sisters and brothers. just thought I would indeed share with you a book written by one of my favorite people in the world. I also have a book emerging into print titled "Thug misses" there may be a passage online of it from when my name was Deepsistasoul. Anyhow thanks for all the support that you all have given me throughout the years. and check out the book from my friend titled "Revelations of a sexual healing." go to once again thanks.

    Ronnie and Liza:blowkiss:

    oh and p.s. is a really good place to publish all you have to do is market your books. its easy and FREE!!! Yeah man Free!!!

    Passage from Revelations of a Sexual Healing

    As I’m metaphorically fighting against my mind, heart and soul,
    Trying hard against my body and emotions to remain in control
    Realistically I have to open my eyes and realize
    With sincerity…
    Finally….that yes indeed love has overtaken me.