Black Poetry : Revelation In Poetic Missive Form/unavailable Face 2 Face

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    Mar 21, 2001
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    My soon 2 b lvr.....

    After staring lovingly into one another's eyes~
    For what seems like an emotional eternity...
    You slowly lean forward, gently cup my face~
    Within the firm velvety grasp of your two hands...
    And place ever so delicately..your lips against my lips~
    Sharing with me a kiss so tender, that...
    Arrows of unbridled joy~
    Cascade throughout my very soul!

    And as the momentum from the magnitude of~
    Your kiss...allows my mind to return to it's own hemisphere...
    Breathlessly, I await your next move~
    For no man could possibly...
    Feel as desired as you make me feel~
    Right here, right now!

    Tell me, I whisper into your slightly parted mouth~
    Tell me how to touch you...
    So that you can experience that realm~
    Above and beyond the savoir faire...
    You are giving me~
    Until, the barriers that restrain your soul...
    Are removed, and you allow my love to flow~
    Unencumbered, into you like sunshine, through a beveled
    glass window!

    Thereby, from the goosebumps I expect will be prevelent~
    I shall, therefore attempt to read them in this darkness...
    In Braille-like fashion, mapping out a course of physical contact~
    Hoping not to misinterpet whatever message is gleaned...
    Wondering aloud~
    Just how I got to be so **** lucky!

    Until, that is, I awaken to find~
    My HEART, smoldering in my chest...
    As the embers of my anticipated reality~
    Became the nightmarish realization, that you wanted...
    Not me! The one capable of doing for you~
    But anyone else, from California to New York...
    Able to supply you with a wet ***~
    And not one thing more!

    Harsh, maybe, but the fact of the matter is~
    Although you whispered professed love for me...
    You NEVER really did, it was only the love of what I could/would
    do for you~
    That served me up like a 7 course meal...
    Of which you partook and took and took~
    While giving nothing in return but teases and empty promises...
    Knowing all the while, that any phone call made by you~
    Was indeed an invitation to the junction of your thighs!

    Not of course, to unworthy you loving me~
    That would've been too much like right...
    As I was not amongst the guests on that extensive list!

    So now, with my heart formally broken~
    I return to my shell...
    Mortally wounded from having given too much, too soon~
    Whilst NEVER receiving ANYTHING in return...
    For time, for effort, and or ~
    Emotions expended!

    Momentary bliss, like fast money~
    Is gone too soon..with no accountability...
    I only hope that you're happy now~
    And, I pray that you never experience this degree of SADNESS!
    Oh yeah,....... GOOD BYE!!

    (C)1970*all rights reserved
    *for Gladys...and all other women in my lifetime...past, present &
    future...that may think as she once did!!!