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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

What I am about to share with you, as always, some of you will dismiss right away, some of you may question my ability to share what I share with you, some of you will say this is a verification of what you have been Thinking all alone and then some of you may say, what does this has to do with the present condition which Black People Face today and there are those of you who will say that is not what the Human Beings say about the Universe.

Therefore I must be going Crazy, but I say, so be it, because I anticipate all of such Mindless Believing and Mindful Thinking that come from the Many and the few amongst us Black confused People, made to be, because of a stranger entering our House.

As I was sitting Last Night watching the History Channel and the Human Being interpretation of the information sent back to them from their Probing Satellites sent out by them into the Far reaches of the Universe and Listening to their account about the Origin of the Universe, something did not set well with me about what the Human Being was saying about how all of this we not are capable of Looking at, concerning the Universe, came into Living Physical Reality, so I went to bed not knowing that what I was watching and what I had heard about the Universe Origin was still with me, not conscious wise but subconscious wise.

I was awaken about Two O'clock this Morning and this is what our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors Revealed to me about that which I had been watching earlier about the Human Being Account concerning the Universe Origin and this is coming from a Mind that is Seventy so call Years into its cycle of Living.

I have shared with you much about the Black Divine Being coming and goings in this Life experience here on this Planet, which the Human Being has so Named, as well as giving it a Earth Name and everything else the Human Being has taught to us about everything that we now Look at, even about those things we can not See, such is only the opinion of the Human Being, made to be the unquestionable Truth coming from his deceiving mind and because we Black People no longer are capable of Seeing anymore, because we have lost our Divine Mind, such a Lost cause us to become vulnerable to everything the Human Being teach to us, claiming it to be the Human Being Truth and we in our Mindless state, question not, because we now wear that same Human Being Mind that is teaching us about the Universe and God, as well as about our Black Selves.

The Human Being say that there was a Time when there was not anything occupying the Perfect Shadowy Space, which I refer to as the Perfect Night and then all of a sudden there appeared a small Rubber like substance that housed all of the Energy compounds that will soon become the cause of the making of the Universe, you believe, the Big Bang Theory, you know something on the same level of Action of what we refer to as the Birthing process and according to the Human Being, there setting in the Middle of all of that Infinite Space without Illumination, there appeared this small elastic Cyclical shaped substance housing what was to become the Elemental Building Blocks of the Universe and Thus Life as we have become, in every aspect of Life Form in the Universe, all being of the Universe that burst through by birth, into being.

Therefore the Human Being give to you their version of the origin Birth of the Universe stating that the Universe has a Beginning point of Birth and that Birthing process become the creation of the Universe so say the Human Being, it having a beginning and everything that has a beginning has an ending, so say the Laws of Physicist, which give Limitation to the Elements as well as the Universe, not so says our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors and this is what they have revealed to me concerning the Universe and you may take it or Leave it.

There is no such Thing as a Beginning Creation of the Universe, such being the Attribute of the Eternal Infinite Space without Illumination, which I refer to as the Perfect Night, the Divine Essence which has no beginning creation Time, because Time and Space is One and The Same, therefore the process of Time is Infinitely Eternal and that which we refer to as the Universe is as well, because it is no more than an extension of the Perfect Night, so the action the Human Being now is capable of Looking at is an Action that has been going on throughout Eternity and that action we refer to as the Universe which is in an Eternal process of Coming and Going, Being and Not Being, Is and Is Not, Looking and Seeing not, such Dynamics are the Phenotype description of the identity of the Universe and the constant Infinite Action of the Perfect Night, the Mother of the Universe and Its Action, and It Being the Eternal Infinite Cover of the Divine Essence, which is Inknown and is indescribable, and Is and Is not, yet is Verified by the Coming and Going of All Living Things that are of the Universe, yet is Never not Being when appearing not to Be.

There is no such Proof of there being a Creation or a Beginning for anything that is of the Perfect Night, that which is Space and Time all wrapped up to be One Eternal Infinite Action, revealing Its Action in an Ethereal and Physical Action of Being and Not Being.

All that the Universe Reveal of Its Actionable Self, has Always been the Action of Its Actionable Self, and that Small Elastic so call Ball having all of the Elements within, is no more than the opinion of the Human Being, based on their interpretation of the Data sent back to them by their Space Probes Satellites, the Universe Process is no more than an Eternal Process that has continued throughout Eternity, Infinitely Representing that which the Human Being refer to as the Universe, yet such a Actionable Reality is Eternal Infinite, No Creation and No Beginning, Everything Being and Not Being as It Is, and Is Not, such is Divine Reality, so say our Divine First Way Ancestors, Regarding that which the Human Being refer to as the Universe, but our Ancient First Way Ancestors Refer To, As The Eternity Of God, the Human Being Universe I Speak Of.

Stars, Planets, the Elements of Divine Reality, they all are of One and the Same Divine Reality, it being the Perfect Night, that Space without Illumination, that is not visible to the Senses only to the Eye of the Divine Essence, the Mother and Father of Eternity, Infinitely.

Therefore, it being that which Prove that there is no such of a Reality as a Black Hole in the Eternal Infinite Space Darkness, the God Ethreal Universe, and the Physical Universe is no more than the Attribute of that Eternal Infinite Universe of Space without Illumination, consisting of Gases and Elements of the Eternal Infinite Energy Essence.

So, that which is referred to as Black Holes are no more than cavities that spread throughout the physical Gassive Universe and through that Universe Gasses Cavities, there appear the Eternal Black Infinite Universe of Space Time, without Illumination, and that is what is described as Black Holes in the Universe, so say the gods our Divine First Way Ancestors.

There Is No Thing That Is Qualified To Penetrate The Eternal Infinite Dark Space Limitless Universe.

So what does all of this has to do with Black People and our present Wretched Life Condition we now are experiencing, well I will share with you what it has to do with you Black Womb Gender and Staff Gender, as long as we are kept away from the Divine Knowledge about the Universe, we will be prone to believe everything the Human Being Teach us about God, Universe, and Life Meaning and Origin.

Beloved, it is imperative that we Know the Divine Sequence of the Universe, such Information guide you to the Divine Information about the God Essence Cover and with such Knowledge we will clearly See and Understand The Divinity of the Binary System and to Know the Divine Truth about that System, it will Reveal to you the Importance of the Divinity in Unity, A System of Relationship that qualify you to be able to Commune and Interact with the Universe and in such a Relationship with the Universe, it make you to be not vulnerable to the Lies and Deception that we now allow to Guide our Life, a Life Once Divine in its Living upon this Planet, Within This so call Solar System.

knowing is Divine and Believing is Confining, setting you up to be guided by those that have not Respect for the Sanctity of Life, especially the Black Life.

Out from another location of the Universe did our Ancient Cosmic Divine First way Ancestors Come and From Them Does The Divine Information become the Divine Knowledge we must come into possession of again, that is if the Black Life is to ever have its Divine Meaning again, and have a Knowledge about the Universe that is Necessary for us to regain our Divine Balance upon this Planet, that is if Black People is to ever regain our Divine Place In the Sun.

Beloved, Our Divine First Way Ancestors Are Real And They do Speak To you, That Is If You Are Mentally Equipped To Hear And See Them, Does That Sound Foolish To you, Well If It Does, It Mean That You Are In Your Human Being Mind !!!

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder Osiris


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