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    REVELATION 1 part 2
    Posted on October 28, 2014
    Peace and may Benevolence be your guide… This is Bulletin 142… To acquire the full comprehension of this profound knowledge, start with Bulletin # 2: Our True Origins…

    This knowledge is not influenced by the view of a Christian, Muslim or Israelite, nor is this knowledge influenced by any secret society, cult or denomination. This knowledge is influenced by All of the Scriptures and related literature COMBINED, ABSENT of Religion.

    Continuing from Bulletin # 141: Revelation 1…The Book of Revelation is the book attributed to the Prophet/Messiah Yashua (Jesus), and it tells us the story from after the Messiah Yashua , on up to the 10th chapter of Revelation which deals with the coming of the Qur’aan being called “the book” or “the little book”… The Christian doctrine claim, that the Prophet Yashua was going around teaching the GOSPELS… What GOSPELS?… let’s clear this up right now!… The Prophet Yashua could not have been teaching the GOSPELS as found in the three” ahaadith ” or stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke and the book of the Prophet John, why?… Because all of these books were recorded after the so-called Crucifixion, and the so-called Resurrection. So he couldn’t have been walking around from the year 30 A.D. to 33 A.D. teaching from books that haven’t been recorded yet..

    The only things Yashua taught, if you analyze the scriptures, are the scriptures of old. He referred them back to ISAIAH, JERMIAH, DANIEL and quoted sections out of PSALMS, and he literally duplicated sections from other books. That was the Gospel of the GOOD NEWS he was teaching. After all, the word “Gospel” only means Good News”, would also be taught after the Prophet Yashua, in the form of that “book or little book” (Revelation chapter 10) That little book was the Qur’aan called a little book because if you look at the other scriptures, it is small in comparison… only 114 chapters.

    The “INJIL’ or New Testament (The Book of Revelation) is mentioned in numerous chapters, but the 3rd chapter and the 4th verse describes plainly The connection with the Torah and Injil (the Book ot Revelation)… also in the 5th chapter and the 67th verse, you’ll find an identical explanation… these two verses in the Qur’aan, leave no doubt that the Torah,Injil and Qur’aan are connected. Whenever the Injil or the NewTestament, which is actually the books of Revelation, is mentioned in the Qur’aan it is spoken of as being the scripture given to the Prophet Jesus, that is further proof that this book is attributed to him. It is also a fact that the Qur’aan speaks of the Messiah Jesus more than any other Prophet. Just as the Prophet Jesus said that the Comforter, whom was the Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, would testify of him in his scripture, which is none other than the Qur’aan (John 16:7-15), the powerful message of both the Book of Revelation and the Qur’aan shall be preached and published throughout the world before the end. The purpose of the Book of Revelation is to inform, that’s what prophecies do. First ” Man ” must know and overstand the mysteries contained withhin both the Qur’aan and the Injil. Once this is accomplished, then the end or change will come.


    Who bare record or testified… The Prophet John son of Zebedee is making this testimony(the Book of Revelation). The word used “testified”, in the sense of witness to proclamation rather than to just see with one’s eyes. The Messiah Yashua (Jesus) told the scribes that the first commandment of GOD(the supreme Being of this Universe) was to make a commitment and to be a witness that The Most High (the Provider of Life, the Source of All elements) is one or alone. The hadith of Mark: 12:28-29 recorded 65 A.D…. “And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, which is the FIRST commandment of all? And Jesus answered him, the first of all the commandments is, hear O Israel, the Lord our GOD is ONE LORD”… To be continued… the next Bulletin… Revelation 1 part 3… Peace
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