Black People : rev wright's speech to naacp....


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Jun 18, 2004
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i have learned a lesson.....

i thought the rev was a nut when i was going by what i saw on the news. after listening to him i see that i was tricked. the cable news people are the nuts.
the rev is right on time.

change is in the air.....


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Feb 12, 2007
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Thank you for posting the speech. It wasa brilliant, just as the sermon was that he gave earlier yesterday morning in Dallas. I had the honor of being able to hear that one is person. :)


going above and beyond
Jun 18, 2004
north philly ghetto
retired computer geek
apparently, all the cable news people are totally upset by his speech. reminds me of MLK and malcolm.
white folks always getting outraged when ever one of us speak up.


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Jan 11, 2008
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Response to Rev Wright by Media

I try to avoid white newscasters and their attacks on Obama but this one just infuriates me and exemplifies the bitterness between those who support the status quo and those who wish to improve the living reality of Black people.

Beck describes Rev. Wright as being "not at all humble" an elitist just like Obama.
The accusation here is that a Black person who is educated and obviously far exceeds the intelligence of those interviewing him, has no right to make his power so very obvious. Should a Black person not contain his/her light than they may be called arrogant. And this accusation is made from not only whites but other Blacks afraid of their own empowerment!
The slave mentality says Black people have no right to "put on airs", that they must bow down to, or play humble to an inferior group of ignorant people just because they have dark skin. "AN INFERIOR COMPLEX AMONG PEOPLE WHO FEEL INFERIOR WILL ALWAYS TOLERATE A RACIST SOCIETY" Paul Barton,
A Response: PBS "Race": A History Of Racism

What makes this so obviously racist is that only a fool who is unaware of the contributions made by dark skinned people could continue to insist on such obvious hypocrisy.

When Rev Wright expresses that his patriotism was exemplified by 6 years of military service, he is then compared to gov't agent and fall guy Timothy McVey. It seems to me that Amerikkkan press/media is strongly trying to stir up the masses into believing that changing the status quo will somehow create division between Blacks and Whites; um the presumption here is that the division doesnt' already exist.

Beck further criticizes Rev Wright on his statement that Black children are biologically hard wired differently, and therefore learn differently. According to Beck this must come out of the Twilight Zone? The difficulty here is that so many people do not read, and when they do they read mainstream material ignoring the literature of our illustrious mentors, doctors and experts. What needs to happen is media exposure for these leaders, regularly so that the knowledge becomes not "alternative", not right of left wing, or extremist but as mainstream as the WPS that the masses have come to accept. I love to read, but many of the Black people I have tried to speak to in regards to these issues find me incredulous and openly admit to not reading! When I give them the resources they comment that the material is simply too heavy to get into and it's only for "brains".... You Tube seems to be an alternative outlet, but I don't believe it reaches the same amount of people as tel-a-lie-vision

Beck made a point of telling viewers "WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW" about this situation, because what if Obama got elected? Is that title not alarming to the viewers? A fat pig of obvious priviledge telling them what they need to know?

He asked his token Black guest Richard Thompson Ford, author of the Race Card if he would have been in Rev Wrights church 20 years? Mr. Ford seemed surprised at the question, but said no probably not - way to go Mr. Ford stay under the radar.

Then Beck "finds it amazing" that Rev Wright believes the American gov't may have made up the HIV virus as a biological weapon against people of color. Even though he references the knowledge sources and compares it to the Tuskegee experiment.

Beck tells American's to be afraid America.

What get's me is that this election and these issues are divisive amongst so many of us only because the messengers are still being controlled by fear mongers who are terrified that their time to rule is over. And sadly,there are Black people who side with those people who continue to steal their destiny from them, those who continue to keep their minds, bodies and souls incarcerated into a matrix of hellish conditions and oppression.
"The sad reality about racism is that after Blacks are severely oppressed, even their music, jazz, culture and anything they produce is stolen. It reminds one of the old racist European scheme of raiding the ancient treasures of Benin, the Ashanti and the Nubians of Sudan (sounds familiar??), carrying off statues and artworks in gold, bronze, ivory, iron and other metals, carrying off scrolls, tablets, parchment books and other artefacts, taking stone and terracotta carvings, finding statues and statuettes and breaking off the noses and faces (as some is being accused of doing in Sudan today, and as the one group was accused of doing to the Buddha statue in Afghanistan), after the ravaging of Black culture is completed, then saying Blacks have no hhistory, civilization and culture." Paul Barton.
(See link to full article at the bottom of page)

head shake, enough for now. :qqb012:

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