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    Minister Albert Cleage Jr: A black Christian I could Follow

    By Andre Austin

    You find me a Christian with the same mindset of the late, great, native Detroiter, Albert Cleage Jr and I could sit in his pew fellowship with him. Why? Because the master stroke of white supremacy has not tainted his brain. I will offer two examples why I believe this based on quotes from his book Black Christian Nationalism: New directions for the Black Church p.xii:

    “Black people have been excluded from real participation in American society by firmly entrenched white institutional racism. Even so, we have been corrupted by an individualistic and materialistic white value system because we have tried to identify. But white hatred and hostility have saved us. White people would not let us in when we demanded, in a sense, we have preserved our soul. A unique Black experience makes us different from white people. The separateness which the white man has forced on us is now our basic hope for the future. On the one hand it has preserved our African heritage, and on the other it has provided a basis for the power which is essential to our survival. Black Christian Nationalism seeks to build upon this black separateness”.

    Black people wanted a integration of the money and not the bed. Even Ralph Abernathy, MLK closet friend, said King wasn’t interested in white women. See his book And the Walls come Tumbling Down p.470-475, However, the white power structure was able to alter the Civil Rights movement into a Consumers Rights Movement where segregated wealth in black communities took the suicide flight of Icarus (wax wings melt when they get to close to the sun) as guest into white hotels, taxi cabs, restaurants etc, etc. Of course in times of emergence, while traveling on the highway, we want an integrated toilet to be able to drop our load in the commode instead of the bushes like we used to have to do. But its time to integrate the money. So it seems they got 87% of the wealth locked up and we fight like rats for the rest of the 13%.

    Another quote from Cleage deals with religion:

    In their universal religion all Africans believed in the one God, the Great Ancestor or Eternal Being of the universe. Africans of today who have not been disturbed by the religion of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam still worship the one great God and still have many deities to worship and to ceremonies over. We would like to show the connection between that which many people think is Egyptian or Hebraic religion and its African antecedents.

    The Hebrews had gotten much of their history, custom, and religion-one may say even their God-from the ancient Egyptians. In predynastic Egypt we see that the Egyptians had certain family clans and tribes that had their own emblem, a beast or bird whose unique powers were accredited to the social unit. Such designations as “the Lion people”, or “The hippo people”, and the “Harpoon people” were properly used to identify these units. It appears that at least some of these emblems were carried over from an earlier hunting tradition whereby sympathetic magic-animal qualities of strength, speed, and cunning-was bestowed on the hunter. When agriculture became the dominant pursuit of most of the Egyptians people, these emblems were given more functional qualities, familiar to history in such forms as Anibus, the jackal-headed god of embalming; Sikmet, the warlike lioness goddess; Ophof. The Ibis-headed god of wisdom. From this we can see a similarity in the Old testament in that the ancient Israelites, when they came into the land of Canaan and made it the land of Israel (Isis, Ra, El), divided their tribes into twelve units, or peoples, or clans, and those twelve units or clans were designated also by an emblem and a symbol” (Black Christian Nationalism: New directions for the Black Church p.265).

    The 12 tribes of Israel:

    1. Judah (symbol was a lion) we see this with MGM in Hollywood with a Lion roaring at the onset of the film starting

    2. Issachar (symbol is a Donkey) Judas Iscariot last name may be a pun on Issachar the Donkey. Samson with the donkey Jawbone (frame of the mouth) assassinates and kills (Judges 15:16). Likewise Judas kisses Jesus with his mouth to snitch him out to the Romans. Judas kiss could have been also the mark of the scorpion.

    3. Dan symbol was a snake

    4. Levi was stone tablets

    You get the point you can look up the rest online.

    So it appears that Judaism were for the most part plagiarists at best, and very plain co-opters at the least, as they copied and distorted countless spiritual teachings of their African/Egyptian host and hostesses. Christianity and Judaism are the CD’s and DVD’s but their ancestors come from the black albums and 8 tracks of the ancient Egyptians. Some song just a different masks.

    Last but not least a speech from Cleage on his assessment on the theology of the NOI.

    I can accept the teachings which he (Malcolm X) abstracted from the cult philosophy and mythology of the honorable Elijah Muhammad. I do not believe in the story about Yacub and creating the white man as the devil…I do not believe that the White man is the devil. He does devilish things, but I don’t believe that he is a devil. Because to say that he is a devil is to say that he is more than human, and I don’t believe that. You know that in Christian religion the devil was flung out of heaven; he was an Angel, he was more than a man, and to believe that the white man is a devil is to attribute to him supernatural powers. That is a cult mystique”

    Cleage may have not know it but Lucifer/Venus had a brick put in his wing metaphorically speaking. When his star fell down on the earth it planted a seed for three Roman Emperors who are mask as the three trinity of sins. Venus seed would birth Titus by virgin means and Domitian by the seed of the Morning star/Venus the root of David’s line. Domitian would transform himself into the Anubis dog jackal and sodomize and castrate St. Paul. All those who follow this Trinity are turned into Angels who are neither male/female whose wings are clipped along with their organs and are allowed to eat Domitian manna/penis. And it gets better the Jews tombstone get to form the foundation and walls of the New City. What a life of a cannibal Zombie drinking with Dracula. But that’s Christianity. Now back to Cleage:

    “There is nothing about the white man that is supernatural. He is just exactly like we are-that’s why we can understand him so well. There is nothing mysterious about what he does. He wasn’t condemned to be a devil for six thousand years-he just acts like a devil because it suits his purpose, and he mistreats us, he oppresses us, he’s brutal to us, because it’s in his interest-not because he is a devil” (Malcolm X the Man and his times Edited by John Henrik Clarke p.19).

    I say that’s a whole hell of a lot of acting going on. I’m looking for a black preacher of Cleage caliber, knowledge and vision. The black man is in Religion and is in the economy. So what. A horse can pull the plow for commerce. We are that horse plowing the field as consumers who don’t own the land being plowed. Does the horse get any benefits working on a farm that not even his own. We went from Civil Rights to Consumers Rights. We went from a Black mask of religion to a white false mask. We are clearly under the stroke of White Supremacy.