Black Poetry : Reunion Of The Heart!

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    We made it through the akward stage.
    And now we are reading from the same page.
    Twice a month from over the miles you come
    in person to deliver your smiles.
    Warm embraces, happy faces, lingering kisses
    talk of making me your missus.

    Bound by common goals and kindred souls.
    Story still left to unfold.
    Warmth where there was once cold.
    Confidence where there was once doubt.
    Spiritual love instead of getting turned out.
    Intimate moments talking way into the night.

    Me rising early to fix you a bite
    You reassuring me it will be all right.
    Said you love my spunky ways
    And the way my laughing eyes plays
    that flirtatious game that says that
    soon...I will submit when I make you
    my groom.

    Watching you with pride as you reveal what
    the master has done for you .
    Knowing that his precepts you hold true.
    I found the love I thought was lost.
    And now I have no problem with the man
    being the boss.

    Reunion of the heart
    what a beautiful start
    Reunion of the mind
    Not being left behind
    Wherever we go...
    Our love will show...
    Cause now we know!