Black People Politics : Retired Secret Service agent pleads for day in court for African American agents

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    A Secret Service agent stands guard during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in South Carolina. (Kevin D. Liles for The Washington Post)

    After 16 years watching less-experienced white agents zoom past him on the promotion ladder at the Secret Service, straight-laced Ray Moore grew so fed up in 2000 that he led a group of fellow black agents in filing a lawsuit that claimed a pattern of racial discrimination.

    Sixteen years later, Moore, 57, is ready to retire — and has yet to have his day in court. This week, he is pleading with the federal judge overseeing the case to grant a hearing to more than 120 of his fellow black agents and force the service to revamp its promotion system.

    “Dr. King would often say, ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,’ and I fully understand his sentiment,” Moore said in a letter to U.S. District Chief Judge Richard Roberts. “On the occasion of my retirement, I ask that you please allow this case to move to trial, so that the Secret Service will be held accountable to the justice system, if not to me as an active Secret Service Agent.”

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