Black Money Business Jobs : Resurrecting Black Wall Street: Is it possible?

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    I hope this topic is not a re-hash, but it is important to me.
    I am going to be honest, there are some that are trying to move
    in this direction and some who just gave up on the ideal.
    In my most humble opinion I feel that there is too much division and individualism
    to support such an idea; here are my reason(s) beside my mentioned statement earlier:
    1. They had chained and veiled our mind with the mindset of consumerism and materialism
    2. Some not all are conditioned to be "employee's" not the employer
    3. Some not all including me think how things are presently set-up that it is impossible to start or grow a business under the present conditions.
    4. Some out of fear and past experience does not feel that this will be a trustworthy endeavor for us as a whole.
    5. Some just do not care and view this as a lot of senseless babble.
    Then, you have those who are control freaks who hate the ideal because they did not originated the idea or can control it.
    A piss poor reason to hate on it,but it is true.
    Let say the same people were given a platform to voice their opinion on what we should do about our present condition would they say anything or wait on others to give their thoughts?