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    “A Father’s Day Message”
    By M. Quinn

    Commencing with the African experience in American
    society, the very foundation and structure of the
    Black family has been meticulously dismantled and
    literally turned on its head. This process coupled
    with the partitioning of the African family has
    produced a range of substandard beliefs within the
    minds of countless Black men.

    From a historical perspective the position of the
    Blackman within his social enclave, has for all
    intents and purposes been personified as a provider,
    protector, educator and a pillar of strength to his
    family and community. However, since this knowledge
    has been systematically concealed and distorted, the
    unimpeded corruption of the minds of our father’s,
    brother's and son's have been monumental as they
    continually seek to navigate their way through the
    haze of a self-indulgent capitalist society, which
    succumbs to the notion of every man for himself. This
    is one of the primary reasons that we as Black men
    must become refocused on our culture, our children,
    our communities, and the very essence of our lineage;
    “the Black woman”, from a point of respect toward
    rebuilding the corner stone of any nation, “the

    Contrary to conventional western thinking, being an
    exemplary role model and a devoted male figure within
    the family structure remains much more than simply
    providing the basic’s according to the contemporary
    standard for living, i.e. (housing, food,
    transportation, etc). Don’t get me wrong, these are
    essential elements to survive, and ultimately prosper
    in any society. However, our dedication, commitment
    and focus to our families must surpass the point of
    merely functioning on a standard, and at many times a
    sub-standard moral plane.

    We (as Black men) must become faithfully re-focused on
    the women in our lives, and develop a genuine
    understanding of how to cultivate the bond between us
    that has been obliterated by western ideas of
    so-called wrong and rightness. These nefarious
    (western) concepts that we mentally consume on a daily
    basis must be revealed to be precisely what they are;
    a divisive and highly debased apparatus for conquering
    the hearts and minds of our people, which only
    perpetuates unreasonable thinking and further destroys
    the African family unit.

    Truth be told, it is these ineffectual western beliefs
    that have produced the utterly deplorable
    environmental conditions that we now find ourselves
    with; not to mention a multitude of other socially
    dysfunctional maladies, such as; materialism,
    individualism, sexism, racism, and innumerable
    unjustified worldwide conflicts.

    We must understand that to pursue an immoral paradigm
    and mimic a socially contemptible behavior, that it
    will only result in absolute folly; which in the end,
    we will become the laughing-stock of the world
    community because of our repeated display of a people
    that have gone astray.

    It is time that we purge our minds of these erroneous
    concepts, and return to our original state in the
    “knowledge of self”. Of course, a comprehensive
    entrepreneurial strategy coupled with political and
    economic expertise are essential components toward the
    restoration any nation; however, these qualities must
    take place within the moral framework of revitalizing
    the African world community, rather than for
    self-aggrandizing purposes.

    Similarly, it is of the essence that we begin to
    thoroughly understand, that the intellectual seeds
    that we sow in the early stages in the lives of our
    children will eventually produce the fruit for their
    future. For that reason, it is imperative that we (as
    Black men) become farmers of sorts by planting the
    mental harvest in the minds of our offspring that will
    ultimately determine their future, and likewise ours.

    It is critically important that we understand that
    when we collectively neglect our responsibility in
    establishing the proper standards for our children,
    more specifically our young men; they for all intents
    and purposes grow up with all the wrong ideas of how
    to relate, and behave toward their sister’s, mother's
    and wives.

    Moreover, divergent to the patriarchal values of
    western philosophy, the very essence in developing and
    maintaining a nation is the woman. As Black men, we
    must begin to cultivate an inherent appreciation for
    our women, and cease the wholesale degradation and
    exposure of them to the slings and arrows of American
    dollar-ism. It is our collective responsibility as
    brother’s, son's and father’s to educate the world how
    to behave toward our beautiful sister’s. When we fail
    to manifest the proper love, respect, and appreciation
    toward our (African) sister’s; these beautiful
    “Queens” will undoubtedly begin to reflect the
    negativity that we as men have so commonly displayed
    toward them.

    It is imperative that we remain acutely aware of how
    we relate to one another; because if we are not
    extremely vigilant, the love, honor and respect for
    each other that we have dutifully subjugated for
    western materialistic ideals will ultimately result in
    our demise.

    So therefore, on this Father’s Day ‘2007; I summons
    all Black men throughout the United States of America,
    and the world community to begin to establish a new
    mental paradigm coupled with an unambiguous 21st
    century mind-set for viewing their connection with
    their loved ones with the expressed intent toward
    restoring the social, political, and economic
    foundation of our communities, and the African nation.

    Our commitment, love and respect for one another and
    the women in our lives are essential for the
    development, preservation and continuation of our

    “Happy Father’s Day”

    M. QUINN is a freelance journalist born in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Author of the book “Removing the Veil”. Mr. Quinn is also the Founder of the "Campaign to Remove the Veil"; which advocates incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into the academic system of American society, and making it a prerequisite for graduation. He specializes in social, historical and political analysis, and commentary.

    http://www.myspace. com/removingthev eil

    http://www.lulu. com/content/ 286753

    http://www.myspace. com/a_matter_ of_human_ rights

    http://www.gather. com/viewArticles .jsp?memberId= 36194

    All Right reserved by the Author

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