Black Poetry : rest in me...(colab by 8th and dnommo)


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Mar 19, 2001
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I embrace you when you rest
Transferring my warmth to you
Molding my arms around you
Speaking love into your ear;

I walk with you through rain
Holding an umbrella over you
Wrapping my arms around you
Keeping you dry from the storms;

I stand with you in troubled times
Being your covering God has made
I face you so you know my love’s true
As I “hedge-of-protect” you from pain;

I rest in your embrace
Safe in the warmth of your love
Free to expose the many moons
And seasons of yesterday

I rest in the love
God made for me to give to you
Perfect and complete
Blindly and nakedly

I rest in faith
Of days to come
Memories to share
Life to live
Till death do us part

and rest you shall today
as i carry you into tomorrow
lifting you high from pain
holding you close to my heart;

lay your head on my shoulder
close your eys so that i can
walk in faith, confident of us
experiencing the real of "we";

now cloes your eyes and listen
as i whisper joy in your left and
cpassion in your right to assure
you that i celebrate you always;

resting together in the love of God....


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