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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

We are blessed to have several Family Members present, that are involved in the occult. The more i learn of it, this way, i'd venture to say we are all involved in it, to some degree or another, without being aware. I don't know enough yet, to elaborate, but i'm feeling this in my Spirit.

Nonetheless ... i probably know less than anyone here, about the occult.

I know that it is something that draws us, has drawing power, even if only speaking to our curiosity.

It seems too, that it must be done properly, if one is going to embark upon this path.

One of the quotes found at a link shared by Sister Bootzey, said the following:

"Psychic Protection is the most important thing you can learn when you develop an interest in the occult. It is also the one thing not taught in most books."

That link is found in a thread regarding telepathy. I would not have counted telepathy, as the occult, had i not seen them put together on that page. So it really opened the door in my mind, regarding the occult, and what all it comprises. It seems to be quite vast. I remember having a discussion about this before, here in the community, and will try to find that thread and link it here. But no matter, maybe those who are knowledgeable in the occult, will share with us, those things that actually come under the occult umbrella. Matter of fact, i'll start a thread on that too, as it is a focus all its own.

As the quote above states, psychic protection is the most important thing to learn when embarking upon the occult, and you won't probably learn from a book.

So where does one go to learn how to embark upon the occult properly, safely, wisely?

I think we have an obligation to all those coming behind us, to educate them in the right and proper way to do a thing. There seems to be even a right and wrong way to embark upon the occult. While i don't know a lot about the occult, i think dealing with it in secret, hushed tones, will only set-up our naive and unaware children, that may be sincerely interested. It leaves them open to most anything, and anyone, for it comes with this shroud of secrecy ... that plays right into the hands of anyone wanting to mislead them.

If you are involved in the occult, what advice would you give someone just starting out?

Are there Sisters and Brothers, leading the way in this, and who are they, where do we find them?

Are there steps one can take, to enter into the world of the occult, safely and responsibly?

Thanks in advance Family!


One piece of advice to keep in mind is, once one opens ones self up to matters related to the occult, one will be entering into a new world of seeing, feeling and experiencing things. When this begins to happen, one should prepare oneself to be happy and not afraid. Try and keep in mind that the new things one is now seeing, feeling and experiencing, are things that were always there but were not noticeable to one because one was not aware at the time that one could be open enough to see, feel and experience these new things.

I will never forget the time I was sitting on my couch, around 11 pm at night, doing my hair while watching television. Out of no where, cold smooth air was blowing on the left side of my face, for about 5 whole seconds straight. I won't say what that was but just put it this way, I knew what was going on. I smiled as I thought about what that was and went on back to doing my hair. In my opinion, Occult related matters, should only change one in terms of ones level of consciousness, nothing else.

It really isn't all that strange. Occult is defined as anything involving the supernatural. Supernatural is defined as any occurance outside physical laws. So when you have a dream or a feeling that comes true, that's occult. When you pray a prayer that seem to work, that's occult. It is no different than how you probably exist daily. What is different is what you call it. Not trying to offend the Christians' sensibilities, but every time I hear one of y'all giving a praise report or see y'all catch the "Holy Ghost', I smile inwardly.

Hey sista Destee,

According to African wisdom the best psychic protection is iwa pele

When we work on our hearts and our minds and our lives we will receive the knowledge we need to become all we were created to be. We can float around in the astral plane all day long but never grow spiritually.

Hollywood has us thinking our lives will change if we sit back passively while something spectacular unfolds before our eyes. But the value of our experiences is what we become inside and that takes proacative effort. In that case, a sunset that makes us contemplate our oneness with the universe and then treat others with love and patience has more spiritual value than a tarot card reading that tells us who we are going to marry but doesn't teach us the necessity of being a good spouse.

This has been a public service message brought to you by Da River.
The spirit world is extremely powerful and not something to be dabbled in out of curiosity.

There are good spirits but there are also negating spirits and without the proper guidance the door to these negating spirits is much easier to open than it is to close.

Building Iwa Pele is the first and most important metaphysical action we can take.

Then find a priest who has experience to guide you.

You could be a natural born gifted surgeon but that doesn't mean you can graduate high school run out and buy a scalpel to practice brain surgery without going to medical school and learning the craft from those who have experience.


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